Ash Brar

Brand, Managing Director

Ash Brar joined Added Value in May 2012 having previously worked as a management consultant for a wide range of multi-nationals, including InterContinental Hotels Group, Japan Tobacco, Diageo, McCormick, British Airways and Sony.

Ash specializes in developing portfolio & brand strategy and innovation; with experience ranging from packaged goods and pharmaceuticals through to financial services and government departments.

Since joining Added Value, Ash has spent a lot of time partnering with a beer manufacturer to facilitate their portfolio planning process across 12 APAC markets, launch 4 new brands, enter 1 new market and has identified sales & marketing best practice for mainstream and premium beer brands.

Jessica Bower

Qualitative, Executive Director

Jessica has over 12  years experience of qualitative insight work in Asia, Europe and North America.

She is an advocate of drawing on a wide variety of qualitative approaches to suit different challenges, ranging from extended workshops using model-making to express feelings to online bulletin boards and simply chatting with people as they are grabbing a coffee.

Beyond this, she is equally passionate about the need to distil this insight into solutions that really work for her clients’ businesses. Jessica started her career with Research International in London and Singapore, later working with Added Value in London, New York and Hong Kong.

Mary Lau

Quantitative, Director

Mary joined Added Value in 2007 working with clients in a variety of sectors across North America, Greater China and Asia Pacific.

Mary’s expertise lies in custom research – including branding, portfolio, & innovation research in both quantitative and qualitative methods with particular expertise in large scale multi-country segmentation.

She has a passion for unlocking & translating consumer motivations into product and business solutions – understanding the expression of these differ across cultures.

Most recently in her last 4 years in Asia – she has helped a global premium chocolate brand grow double digits in China, a leading alcohol company to launch new products through volume forecasting , and developing a decision-making tool for a #1 sports brand to inform their 5 year retail expansion plans.