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To Seduce (and Convince) Artificial Intelligence

29 Aug 2017 | Added Value

AI is set to further revolutionise the decisions we make and the way we purchase goods and services. What is the implication for brands?

Climate ChangeD.

17 Jul 2017 | Added Value

Today we can no longer restrict our focus to just stopping climate change. The question ‘what happens if?’ is now necessarily coupled with ‘what happens when?’

BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands: Keep pace with constant change to stay relevant to Chinese youth

04 Apr 2017 | Added Value

Panos Dimitropolous culturally analyses the Chinese market for the latest BrandZ report on Chinese brands.

It's what you do that counts

20 Dec 2016 | Paul Cowper

Paul Cowper, Managing Director UK, talks about building coherent, distinctive and relevant brand behaviour through action and reaction.

Offre de stage

01 Dec 2016 | Added Value France

Kantar Added Value France cheche son nouveau stagiaire.

Your Brand’s Reputation is Now Out of Your Hands

29 Jun 2016 | Added Value

How the EU referendum result will impact brands.

Remain or Leave: The campaigns as brands

23 Jun 2016 | Paul Cowper

A brand structure breakdown of the EU referendum.

BrandZ Top 100 Global Brands 2016 - Who's on Top?

21 Jun 2016 | Added Value

Google reclaims from Apple the no.1 position in the 2016 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking.

Purpose is Critical for Attracting Young Talented Employees

14 Jun 2016 | Emily Smith

Employee involvement can help transform a product or service into a useful and meaningful brand that has an active role in people’s lives.

A Holistic Data Ecosystem

30 May 2016 | Added Value

Building a holistic data ecosystem that enables a business to take more real-time, actionable insights is the new challenge for the marketing and insight community.

CASE STUDY: M&S Putting Passion back into Promotion

10 May 2016 | Added Value

Proudly introducing ‘M&S &’; a fresh new promotional event that pairs M&S’s unique heritage with talented names across the globe.

The Politicisation of Emojis

10 May 2016 | Added Value

How brands are using emojis to connect with people.

Blurred Lines

05 May 2016 | Emily Smith

Food for thought on whether applying traditional thinking to segment categories should still be used in today’s evolving world.

Small Data: The Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends

20 Apr 2016 | bakerf

Taking a step back from big data

Social Good Innovations - April 2016

07 Apr 2016 | Leslie Pascaud

From 3D printed water pipes to an app that helps deliver a baby, discover five social good innovations…

Extreme Innovation Meets Behavioral Economics

06 Apr 2016 | Leslie Pascaud

There is a wave of invention emerging from the humanitarian sector.

Unlocking the Power of Retail Space in China

25 Mar 2016 | Added Value China

Innovative design that draws inspiration from Chinese aesthetics is a newly found style trends in retail.

The School Of Life Live: Your Roadmap For Life

22 Mar 2016 | Added Value

The School of Life: is devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture, here’s a quick summary of one of their events – Your Roadmap for Life.

Outdated notions of "masculinity" are quite literally killing men

08 Feb 2016 | ttmilnec

Male centric brands should be broadening their depictions of men not just to be more culturally on point, but also to help create a culture in which men can thrive.

Five Tips to Being On-Demand and In The Now

18 Dec 2015 | Added Value

Simply put, we’re living in the ‘age of now.

What the 2016 Pirelli Calendar Actually Reveals

18 Dec 2015 | tarboxl

Could male gazers be more than just their gaze?

Top Tips for Brands Looking to Premiumize in China - Part 3

17 Nov 2015 | Added Value China

Premiumization will continue to be a key growth area in China.

How Can Premiumization Help Brands to Solve Marketing Challenges? - Part 2

17 Nov 2015 | Added Value China

Cultural strategy plays a key role.

Cultural Cool

16 Nov 2015 | Cultural Insight Team

Brands that connect most powerfully to culture emit a magical frisson of ‘cool’.

'Tis the season

06 Nov 2015 | Cultural Insight Team

The season of the Christmas advert is upon us. Although characteristically beautiful, and set to a hauntingly breathy cover of Oasis’s Half the World Away, John Lewis hasn’t created a world that feels relatable enough.

Top 5: Luxury Brands Leading in Digital

20 Oct 2015 | parrj

Luxury is no longer just about tradition and heritage; it’s nimble, quick and paving the way for digital innovation and engagement.

'Culturally Tapped' how Asian Brands are Finding Competitive Advantage in Culture

19 Oct 2015 | dimitropoulosp

The most successful brands are the ones that tap into and even create culture themselves.

Authenticity by Numbers

19 Oct 2015 | Hazel Barkworth

‘Authentic’ aesthetic is now so prevalent that it feels disingenuous. To be truly authentic, a brand needs to be open.

Trust Matters

19 Oct 2015 | Paul Cowper

Paul Cowper, Managing Director UK, talks about the importance of trust that brands need to gain and sustain amongst consumers.

GREY: Start Up Night

13 Oct 2015 | ttpattisont

A summary of future marketing: Footfall algorithms, interactive videos and urinal gaming.

Brands making the headlines

13 Oct 2015 | Natalie Graham

A round up of topical UK news.

Giving Your Brand a Future Edge

01 Oct 2015 | Added Value

To truly assess an idea’s potential you have to peer into the future

China Luxury Market Will Continue to Grow Despite Concerns

29 Sep 2015 | Added Value China

Luxury brands will need to constantly innovate by adapting to new customer expectations.

Branding For Good: Issue 42

22 Jul 2015 | Added Value

Welcome to issue 42 of Added Value’s newsletter focused on building brand purpose: the challenges, opportunities, our solutions and points of view.

The Feminine Plural

21 Jul 2015 | jhall

What really matters for brands is the ability to reinvent models of femininity

New Era Challenges to Growth

27 May 2015 | Matt Woodhams

We have now entered a “post-ownership age”, with rapidly changing consumer behaviours and attitudes

Supermarket Losses as the Price War Rages On

08 May 2015 | Added Value

The UK supermarket losses just keep coming. Added Value UK comments.

Top 5: Driving the Future through Mobilisation

30 Apr 2015 | Claire Smyth

From static to mobilised, we look at 5 brands that have successfully harnessed the mobile channel.

Top 5 Ways to Talk to Women in 2015

28 Apr 2015 | pompei de warrensc

Five tips to help brands win with women.

News: Tesco records £6.4bn loss in 2014

23 Apr 2015 | Added Value

As Tesco announce record retail losses in the UK, Added Value comments on what they need to do to reignite their popularity.

From Saying to Doing

20 Apr 2015 | Nina Rahmatallah

Marketing is no longer a one-way street. Consumer participation drives engagement and relevance. So how do brands move from saying to playing a valued and impactful role in people’s lives…

Discover: Hispanics

17 Apr 2015 | spalacios

Hispanics are a growing and thriving population in the United States, and one brands should pay close attention to.

In the Marketer’s Chair with Pippa Dunn

16 Apr 2015 | Added Value

Pippa Dunn, the Chief Marketing Officer of the UK’s largest mobile network EE, exclusively talks to us In The Marketer’s Chair.

Case Study: Harman

15 Apr 2015 | Added Value

Building Iconic Brands and Pressing Play. Discover how we changed the tune for American audio and infotainment company – Harman.

News: Aldi overtakes Waitrose to become top 6th UK Supermarket

10 Apr 2015 | Added Value

Should Waitrose be worried as Aldi overtakes them in the UK supermarket ranks?

Added Value Edits: SXSW Interactive

27 Mar 2015 | jhall

Welcome to the latest edition of “Added Value Edits”, our combined newsletter on both strategic marketing thinking that works and disruptive innovation.

Ethnic Relations Are the 'Best They Ever Have Been', Which Is Why There Is So Much Acute Tension

06 Feb 2015 | spalacios

The rise in, and cultural acceptance of. inter-ethnic relationships is just one signal that things have changed for the better.

BRANDZ™ TOP 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2015 Unveiled

05 Feb 2015 | Added Value

Tencent, Alibaba overtake long-time leader China Mobile to claim top two spots.

Why the Golden Globes Might Be a Crystal Ball

05 Feb 2015 | jhall

Golden Globes tapping into a couple of key cultural themes we predict will gain traction in 2015.

Added Value Edits: Innovation

27 Jan 2015 | jhall

We’re all technology businesses now, or we should be if we want to survive and thrive.

In the news this week

16 Jan 2015 | Added Value

Morrisons and Burberry hit the news this week after releasing yearly figures. Find out what Added Value had to say.

In the news this week

09 Jan 2015 | Added Value

Added Value comments on some of the big UK brand stories this week.

2015 Cultural Themes: The year of Enrichment

16 Dec 2014 | Added Value

People will seek to get the very best from themselves, and the most from their lives. Check out the six themes…

Is Christmas shopping on the UK High Street dying?

15 Dec 2014 | Added Value

We ask whether the UK high street is still alive when it comes to Christmas shopping or will online win the battle of checkouts.

Getting Personal

15 Dec 2014 | Louise Coupe

Personalisation is increasingly becoming an exciting and powerful opportunity for brands to connect with consumers and enhance experiences and emotions.

A Christmas full of Joyful Frivolity

12 Dec 2014 | Added Value

Merry Christmas from all at Added Value

Black Friday a UK success?

03 Dec 2014 | Added Value

Will Black Friday become an annual shopping holiday in the UK?

Matching Retail Value and Brands

20 Nov 2014 | Erna George

How are retailers engaging with consumers to deliver a great package deal?

When Jozi Meets Soweto

19 Nov 2014 | leshiloth

My birthplace, Jozi, is a melting pot of opportunities

The Role of Market Research in Decision Making

03 Nov 2014 | Added Value

A unique opportunity for students to network with senior practitioners.

Added Value Edits: Meet Generation Z

21 Oct 2014 | jhall

Discover how Gen Z is changing the world, and how your brand can be part of the revolution.

Worn Out on Wearout

08 Oct 2014 | Added Value

The endless debate of figuring out exactly when a TV commercial effectively influences the viewer.

It’s Time to Change

03 Oct 2014 | Added Value

The time is ‘ripe’ for the food industry to innovate.

Top 5: Growing Companies

29 Sep 2014 | Added Value

Looking at 5 top growing companies from a cultural perspective

Marketing: the Next Generation

29 Sep 2014 | Bart Michels

In the war for talent, what will the next generation of marketers look like?

In the Marketer’s Chair with Syl Saller

25 Sep 2014 | Added Value

Our first ’In the Marketer’s Chair’ we talk exclusively with the CMO of Diageo, who reveals that her success came from stepping out of her comfort zone.

Subscribe to Added Value Edits

22 Sep 2014 | Added Value

Subscribe to Added Value Edits, our combined monthly newsletter full of strategic marketing thinking and disruptive innovation.

Energy Companies: should they have a right to make excessive profit?

15 Sep 2014 | Added Value

A diverse debate on whether the ‘big 6’ energy companies have a right to make big profits.

Apple Watch: Personal, Intimate, Private and Light

11 Sep 2014 | Brian Kushnir

Apple’s wearable technology launch shows off its cutting edge technology while tapping into consumer trends…

A Next Generation Approach to Brand Equity Tracking

04 Sep 2014 | Added Value

Measuring and monitoring brand equity has become a required discipline for any global marketer.

Training That Works: Delivering for Clients, Developing our People

24 Jun 2014 | Added Value

In a fast changing world with high expectations and top performers; learning can’t be about sitting in a class room nodding off at PowerPoint presentations…

Brands that Tackle Food Waste can Woo Consumers

23 Jun 2014 | Leslie Pascaud

It is time for mainstream food brands to get creative to drive both internal & consumer food-saving behaviors.

The Continuous Rise of Discount Retailers

05 Jun 2014 | Added Value

The economy is slowly on the rise but our shopping habits, which we learnt during the recession, show no signs of shifting.

Apple and Beats? It’s All About Cultural Vibrancy

29 May 2014 | Brian Kushnir

We see Apple’s acquisition of Beats as a culture play, a way for Apple to infuse the cultural vibrancy of Beats and emerge stronger and more relevant…

BrandZ Top 100 Global Brands 2014 – who’s on top?

21 May 2014 | Added Value

The Added Value team examines where the value lies in the luxury and beer categories…

Burberry Brand Undamaged by Angela Ahrendts' Departure

21 May 2014 | Added Value

Even though it’s losing its chief executive, Burberry is fighting back…

Twelve Imperatives for the South African CMO

16 May 2014 | Added Value

Some may say marketing in South Africa is in crisis. What are the 12 imperatives for success in the years ahead?

Transforming Tracking: From Rearview Mirror to Brand Activator

09 Apr 2014 | Added Value

Our team discusses changes in marketing and insights, the claim that ‘tracking is dead’ and how Added Value is Transforming Tracking.

Digi Ready: Mobile

08 Apr 2014 | Added Value

Digital: a space that is growing and changing so fast that it’s getting everyone in a spin.

The Growth Imperative: Dinner, case-studies and round table discussion

07 Apr 2014 | Added Value

Senior marketers of global brands will share their stories of growth on the occasion of a dinner presentation.

Making Sense of Emotions: ESOMAR Workshop at “Le Printemps des Etudes”

07 Apr 2014 | Added Value

Sensorial experiences are essential for brands that want to connect more deeply with consumers.

Our French Office has Moved...

25 Mar 2014 | Added Value

Our French office has moved… but not very far!

Maharajas to Masses

25 Mar 2014 | puddickm

India is a marketplace that poses significant challenges to luxury brands.

New Study: The Chinese New Year in Next Growth Cities

04 Feb 2014 | Added Value

For anyone interested in unlocking opportunities in China understanding the Chinese New Year is key…

In the News: Press Coverage

01 Jan 2014 | Added Value

Bloomberg, The Financial Times, Huffington Post, Shanghai Daily, BBC News and Forbes… we’re in the press all over the world.

Seeing is Believing!

21 Oct 2013 | Added Value

In the last of a series of five articles, we’re focusing on sight, as well as what happens when you combine all five senses together…

Angela Ahrendts’ Move to Apple: a Loss or Gain for Women?

18 Oct 2013 | Added Value

A loss to Burberry, naturally. But is it also a loss to womankind?

Microsoft-Nokia Deal: Emerging Markets to the Rescue?

03 Oct 2013 | Sophia Ng

The market is buzzing about Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phone business and how it will impact both brands.

The 2013 ESOMAR Congress In Review

24 Sep 2013 | Mark Whiting

Reading a roundup of a conference that someone else has been to is a little like seeing the picture of the birthday cake at a party to which you weren’t invited…I’ll focus instead on trying to help you actually imagine you’re eating the delicious cherry on the top of the cake.

Round Up From Boston: The 2013 ESOMAR Digital 3D Conference In Review

31 Jul 2013 | Zoe Dowling

Reviews the challenges facing marketers in a digital age.

Market Research Agency Of The Year 2013

01 Jul 2013 | Added Value

Marketing Magazine names Oracle Added Value Market Research Agency of the Year for 2013.

Innovation Inspiration : Jugaad Innovation

27 May 2013 | jhall

Jugaad literally means an improvised arrangement or work-around, which has to be used because of lack of resources.

THE BATTLE OF THE BRANDS: Winners and Losers in the Culture Wars

20 Mar 2013 | Added Value

Added Value reveals the cultural vibrancy of 160 brands from across fifteen sectors in its third annual Cultural Traction™ 2013 report.

Reality Workout

14 Mar 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

Added Value Celebrates Again

06 Mar 2013 | Natalie Graham

Added Value has been named once again in The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Small Companies to Work For 2013.

Webinar Invitation: How to Write Good Concepts for Use in Research

05 Mar 2013 | Marina Cozzika

Great concept writing is all about mastering the art of seduction.

Little Snippets of NYC in Paris

28 Feb 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

Going the Extra Mile

22 Feb 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

ESOMAR Summer Academy 2013 Workshop : Making Sense of Emotions

14 Feb 2013 | Added Value

Mark Whiting and Sandrine McClure will lead a full day workshop at the ESOMAR Summer Academy 2013, that will summarize the role of each of the five senses in building emotional connections

Roses are Dead

14 Feb 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

Pretty in Pink

13 Feb 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

A Postcard from ... New York

06 Feb 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

Sandrine McClure, Newly-Appointed Director at Added Value France

06 Feb 2013 | Added Value

Sandrine McClure has 18 years’ experience working in consumer insights and brand strategy development and has a particular interest in products and experiences that affect the senses.

Power Out? No Problem

04 Feb 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

Love Shack

01 Feb 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

Fun Families

25 Jan 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

Marina Abramovic is Present

11 Jan 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

Once Upon a Time

19 Dec 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Merry Marmite Christmas

14 Nov 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Understanding Brand Positioning

08 Oct 2012 | puddickm

The process of setting out what a brand promises to and should stand for in the eyes of its target consumer.

Up Close & Personal

05 Oct 2012 | Rebecca Harrison

A word with... De Beers Forevermark

05 Oct 2012 | Added Value

Pop Up Nation

08 Aug 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

The Yellow Shoes

06 Aug 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

The Secret Life of Vegetables

18 Jul 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Biking is Back

10 Jul 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Branding For Good - Issue 32

03 Jul 2012 | Marina Cozzika

Immerse yourself in ... Mumbai

03 Jul 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Old is the new Young

28 Jun 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

A New Spin on Traditional Design

25 Jun 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Finding Hidden Growth

01 Jun 2012 | Bart Michels

Marketing was born to deliver growth. Now is the time when really good businesses and brands shape strong marketing strategies, act decisively and become great by building growth when all those around them are struggling to find it.


01 Jun 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

New Fusion

28 May 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Miss World

16 May 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Street Style

14 May 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Golden Girls

02 May 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Hand Made

30 Apr 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

When in Rome…

25 Apr 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Sporting Glory

16 Apr 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Craft Videos

10 Apr 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

This Looks Like That

05 Apr 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

City Boy

04 Apr 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Topmen and Women

03 Apr 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

London 2012 British Kit

22 Mar 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Between the Covers - GQ

21 Mar 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Lifting the Lid on Boxpark

19 Mar 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Branding for Good NEWS - Issue 31

15 Mar 2012 | Added Value

Eco Innovations - March 2012

15 Mar 2012 | Added Value

Real Stories

12 Mar 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

International Women’s Doodle

08 Mar 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Luxury Story

06 Mar 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Kooky Monster

05 Mar 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Three Little Pigs

01 Mar 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Wild Tea

01 Mar 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Webinar invitation: Mobility Trends

01 Mar 2012 | Added Value

Hipster Survivalism

29 Feb 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Between the Covers - Vogue

27 Feb 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Rio Graffiti

23 Feb 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Have the No Logo Generation sold out?

22 Feb 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Barcelona Shutters

21 Feb 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Young is Old

20 Feb 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Diamond Advertising: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

14 Feb 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Bad Girl Makes Good

10 Feb 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

French Vogue a GO GO

08 Feb 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Should We Hold Back?

08 Feb 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Ambit Magazine

06 Feb 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Compassion Culture

03 Feb 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Infographics Schminfographics

01 Feb 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Immerse yourself in ... Shanghai

30 Jan 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

What a Shame

25 Jan 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Counter Culture Strikes Back

11 Jan 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Hard Work

04 Jan 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Shopping Experience

14 Dec 2011 | Cultural Insight Team

Branding for Good NEWS - Issue 30

08 Dec 2011 | Added Value

Come As You Were? Modern Grunge

07 Dec 2011 | Cultural Insight Team

Attacking Fine Dining

30 Nov 2011 | Cultural Insight Team

University Chic

23 Nov 2011 | Cultural Insight Team

SourceLive: Inspiration for Growth

22 Nov 2011 | Added Value

Here Come the Books

17 Nov 2011 | Cultural Insight Team

Event Cinema

09 Nov 2011 | Cultural Insight Team

Added Value Australia Evolves Management, Creates New Role for Growth

09 Nov 2011 | Added Value

Added Value Australia, part of Australia’s STW Group, has evolved its management structure and created a new senior executive position to help build on recent growth and business momentum.

How Design Thinking can enrich Marketing and Business Innovation

08 Nov 2011 | Added Value

Innovation is key to competitiveness in the global economy.

The Pressure of Craft

03 Nov 2011 | Cultural Insight Team

Rise of the Conceptual Age

28 Oct 2011 | Added Value

Jobs for life

25 Oct 2011 | Added Value

Rebel Hell - London Riots or Fashion Ads?

24 Oct 2011 | Cultural Insight Team

My Own Personal Retro

21 Oct 2011 | Cultural Insight Team

Urban Rural Overload

19 Oct 2011 | Cultural Insight Team

Jamie Oliver Leaves Sainsbury's

14 Jul 2011 | Added Value

Sainsbury’s and Jamie Oliver are ending their association after more than 11 years and 100 ads together

What's your Archetype?

20 May 2011 | Added Value

Archetypes are a Jungian concept that explains why we have strong perceptions around certain icons…

The Duality Dilemma - Marketing to Modern Women

13 Apr 2011 | Added Value

Women now control $12 trillion of the overall $18.4 trillion in global spending, and are the primary spenders in 77% of consumer markets.

As the iPad 2 launches in the UK, we ask: has Apple still got the edge?

25 Mar 2011 | Added Value

Has Apple done enough to hold their leadership position ahead of copycat brands?

Register to be part of webinar on emotions

18 Feb 2011 | Added Value

Guilt-free green

16 Feb 2011 | Added Value

I'm a what?!

15 Jan 2011 | ladams

Nestlé Central West Africa Case Study: Filtering Coffee Culture in Africa

07 Sep 2010 | Added Value

We helped to confirm the nuances of the culture of coffee within the African cultural context, providing the lever for Nestle to cement the brand in the region by innovating for growth.

Brand Development & Innovation Team Adds Three Senior Members

22 May 2010 | Added Value

Added Value has appointed three experienced brand development and marketing insight specialists to the senior team in North America.

The Role of “Green” Marketing

25 Mar 2010 | Kelli Peterson

Eclipsing CSR

27 Jan 2010 | Kelli Peterson

Good CSR isn’t just about your corporate responsibility in time of disaster but as it turns out, your true colors may come out during disaster, eclipsing all aspects of the value a good strategy can create.

Peroni Case Study: Bottling Italian Style

18 Jan 2010 | Added Value

A brand that could evoke the effortless glamour of Italian fashion. The timeless allure of Italian art and culture. The passion of Italian life.

Chocaholics rejoice!

18 Jan 2010 | Kelli Peterson

Refresh Everything

13 Jan 2010 | Kelli Peterson

Avatar...are we paying attention?

07 Jan 2010 | Kelli Peterson

Added Value Group acquires Market Research Agency Saffron Hill

30 Sep 2009 | Added Value

“I am very excited that Saffron Hill is joining our Group. South East Asia is a huge opportunity for us…”

The Greenest Big Companies

23 Sep 2009 | Kelli Peterson

Can You Measure Design's Value?

20 Mar 2007 | Added Value

New Study Says U.S. "Red, White & Blue" Image is Getting Tarnished Abroad

21 Oct 2004 | Added Value

A new international study of nearly 13,000 consumers in 17 countries revealed that 20 percent of the global population outside the United States associates America with the color black, a shade that means death, hate, sadness and danger.