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New luxury

18 Dec 2017 | Added Value

The changing nature of luxury and premium.

Has the Digital Era Changed the Luxury Game for Good?

18 Dec 2017 | Added Value

How the luxury industry will balance the traditional world of exclusivity with the digital world that is available to everyone.

The Changing Nature of Luxury in China

18 Dec 2017 | Added Value

High-end brands need insights on how to grow a presence and prosper in the world’s largest luxury market.

BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands: Keep pace with constant change to stay relevant to Chinese youth

04 Apr 2017 | Added Value

Panos Dimitropolous culturally analyses the Chinese market for the latest BrandZ report on Chinese brands.

Luxury Branding for Today’s Woman: What Has to Change

22 Jun 2016 | Added Value

It is time to consider that today’s female consumer is looking for substance.

Luxury Branding for Today’s Woman: What Has to Change

22 Jun 2016 | Added Value

It is time to consider that today’s female consumer is looking for substance.

Luxury Branding for Today’s Woman: What Has to Change

22 Jun 2016 | Added Value

It is time to consider that today’s female consumer is looking for substance.

Luxury Branding for Today’s Woman: What Has to Change

22 Jun 2016 | Added Value

It is time to consider that today’s female consumer is looking for substance.

How Can Premiumization Help Brands to Solve Marketing Challenges? - Part 2

17 Nov 2015 | Added Value China

Cultural strategy plays a key role.

How to Win at Premiumization in China - Part 1

17 Nov 2015 | Added Value China

In China premiumization represents a huge growth opportunity for brands.

Top 5: Luxury Brands Leading in Digital

20 Oct 2015 | parrj

Luxury is no longer just about tradition and heritage; it’s nimble, quick and paving the way for digital innovation and engagement.

Top 5 Ways to Win with Luxury Brands in China

29 Sep 2015 | Added Value China

Cultural secrets can inspire new ways for luxury brands to stay fresh and one step ahead of their customers.

Is Europe losing its grip on Luxury?

28 Aug 2015 | Agathe Laurent

In the past 20 years, the rise of luxury and wealth in emerging markets like China, Russia, and India is indisputable.

Added Value Edits: Luxury in Europe

05 Aug 2015 | jhall

The concept of Luxury is being re-defined.

Top 5 Tips for Luxury Brands to Connect with Consumers

29 Jul 2015 | Added Value

Top five tips to win with consumers.

Cutting through in the Chinese luxury market

16 Jul 2015 | Added Value

With a cultural shift in luxury consumer drivers in the Chinese market we take a look at what luxury brands need to do to find growth.

Cultural Secrets Breathing New Fire into Chinese Luxury Brands

25 Nov 2014 | dimitropoulosp

Dancing with the dragon.

5 Paradoxes that Luxury Brands Should Never Forget

23 Nov 2014 | Jaslin Goh

Luxury insights extracted by Added Value across Greater China.

Added Value at the Luxury Goods Responsible Sourcing Forum

19 Sep 2014 | Added Value

Luxury and sustainability: two opposing concepts?

Burberry Brand Undamaged by Angela Ahrendts' Departure

21 May 2014 | Added Value

Even though it’s losing its chief executive, Burberry is fighting back…

Luxury Travel Retail: In Conversation With Luxury Expert Catherine Jubin

26 Mar 2014 | Added Value

Expert’s views on the luxury sector, from the new travel retail landscape to issues affecting the BRICS.

Maharajas to Masses

25 Mar 2014 | puddickm

India is a marketplace that poses significant challenges to luxury brands.

Luxury Travel Retail Takes Flight in Asia

25 Mar 2014 | Added Value

Expert shares his views on the opportunities for luxury and premium brands to reach their consumers in the luxury travel retail environment.

Luxury Travel Retail: Positive Outlook for Growth and Profit

28 Feb 2014 | pompei de warrensc

Duty Free and Travel Retail represents a unique opportunity for growth for luxury brands.

Russia: The DNA of Beauty

13 Dec 2013 | Added Value

In a market renowned for its beautiful women, think Natalia Vodianova and Anna Kurnikova, it perhaps comes as no surprise to know that the fashion and beauty category is big business.

Angela Ahrendts’ Move to Apple: a Loss or Gain for Women?

18 Oct 2013 | Added Value

A loss to Burberry, naturally. But is it also a loss to womankind?

Golden Grains

19 Jul 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

White Space

23 Jan 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

A Life Less Perfect

07 Dec 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Burning Money? Why Luxury Isn't In Crisis

16 Oct 2012 | Added Value

A word with... De Beers Forevermark

05 Oct 2012 | Added Value

Fashion Night Out in Paris 2012

10 Sep 2012 | Marina Cozzika

Press Release: South Africa’s Luxury Consumers Buck International Trends

11 Apr 2012 | Added Value

South Africa’s luxury consumers are bucking the global trend when it comes to the values driving their product and brand choices.

Could Sustainability be the Future of Luxury?

07 Dec 2011 | Added Value

So should the luxury industry admit defeat and never embrace sustainability? We think not.

Where Luxury and Sustainability Meet

31 Oct 2011 | Added Value

Best of both worlds

31 Oct 2011 | Added Value

The Luxury Question: In Conversation With Luxury Industry Expert, Catherine Jubin

10 Oct 2011 | Added Value

Catherine Jubin, Managing Director of The International Luxury Business Association, discusses the issues facing the luxury industry.

Luxury versus Premium - Luxury Detectives

10 Oct 2011 | Added Value

Does it make a difference to the consumer if a brand is premium or luxury?

Luxury versus Premium - Fuelling Luxury Brands’ Souls to Maintain Consumers’ Faith

05 Oct 2011 | Added Value

Luxury brands face a real challenge today to differentiate themselves from premium brands

Luxury versus Premium – Luxury Brands, Masters of Time

04 Oct 2011 | Added Value

Premium brands are strongly anchored in a contemporary and modern reality whereas Luxury brands have a much more complex, deep and holistic approach to time…

Innovation Inspiration: How Can Luxury Brands Innovate?

17 Feb 2011 | Added Value

Mark Whiting of Added Value’s Paris office, shares some inspiration on innovation in luxury brands.

Archive of Points of View

01 Jan 2009 | Added Value

The Power of Cultural Cool

04 May 2008 | Added Value

The DNA of Luxury

12 Aug 2005 | Added Value

Commissioned by Walpole and conducted by Added Value, the DNA of Luxury is a definitive insight into luxury consumers.

Unlocking the DNA of Luxury

01 Aug 2005 | Added Value