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Humanising Data

30 Nov 2017 | Added Value

Four examples of brands humanising data


25 Oct 2017 | Added Value

Here are some examples of brands’ latest attempts to connect with Millennials in an authentic way

Welcome to the Age of Multisensory Digital Experiences

26 Sep 2017 | Added Value

The age of multisensory digital experiences has arrived….

Five Ways to Win with Augmented Reality (AR)

25 Sep 2017 | Added Value

Find out how you can go beyond the novelty of AR to tap into its brand growth-driving potential.

Digital Brand Experience

25 Sep 2017 | Added Value

Find out how brands are leveraging technology to flex and evolve their brand experience

The Hottest New Collaborator: AI

29 Aug 2017 | Added Value

Designers, chefs and artists have been teaming up with AI services to create new and exciting pieces they couldn’t have made alone. Learn about four of the most interesting products born from this new form of collaboration.

To Seduce (and Convince) Artificial Intelligence

29 Aug 2017 | Added Value

AI is set to further revolutionise the decisions we make and the way we purchase goods and services. What is the implication for brands?

Gender bias on Instagram

27 Mar 2017 | Added Value

We thought visual social media was fertile ground to analyse gender bias.

Added Value Edits: Navigating the New Social Landscape

03 Aug 2016 | jhall

Read the July edition of Edits on the new social media landscape.

Chatbots And The Future of Conversation Between Brands and Customers

27 Jul 2016 | Andrea Hackett

A POV article on how brands could use new chatbot technology to interact with consumers.

5 Ways to Win With Social Media Strategy

27 Jul 2016 | Added Value

5 strategic tips to help you engage with your consumers via social media.

Top 5: Luxury Brands Leading in Digital

20 Oct 2015 | parrj

Luxury is no longer just about tradition and heritage; it’s nimble, quick and paving the way for digital innovation and engagement.

Added Value Edits: Gamechangers for Growth

18 Jun 2015 | jhall

Strategies, trends & consumer shifts that are affecting today’s & tomorrow’s search for growth.

Top 5: Driving the Future through Mobilisation

30 Apr 2015 | Claire Smyth

From static to mobilised, we look at 5 brands that have successfully harnessed the mobile channel.

Q&A: The Power of YouTube

15 Apr 2015 | Added Value

As YouTube celebrates its 10th anniversary we take a deeper look into the brand and the impact they have on businesses.

Première Etude de Transition Digitale Présentée aux Microsoft Tech Days 2015

09 Feb 2015 | Added Value

Les Jobs et Compétences Marketing & Communication qui auront la Cote.

Remote Memory

03 Jul 2014 | Nina Rahmatallah

Were you once able to remember phone numbers, but now barely remember your own? Our memories have stopped taking responsibility, by handing it over to mobiles…

Webinar invitation: Mobility Trends

01 Mar 2012 | Added Value

What to do with all that data

01 Nov 2011 | Added Value

Eco Innovations - September 2010

13 Sep 2010 | Added Value

Netnography: mining for insight online

12 Jul 2010 | Added Value

The (digital) free for all

17 May 2010 | Added Value

Power to the People

03 Dec 2009 | Added Value

Deutsche Bahn case study: control on track

01 Dec 2009 | Added Value

Brands & Gaming

18 Nov 2005 | Added Value

Trend spotter: Our friends connected

16 Nov 2005 | Added Value

Internet shopping: the new retail?

04 Apr 2004 | Added Value

Designing Digital Experiences for Youth

30 Oct 2002 | Added Value