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It's what you do that counts

20 Dec 2016 | Paul Cowper

Paul Cowper, Managing Director UK, talks about building coherent, distinctive and relevant brand behaviour through action and reaction.

Understanding Women: How Diageo learned to speak in 'unisex'

07 Sep 2015 | Added Value

ESOMAR Congress Sept 2015

Worn Out on Wearout

08 Oct 2014 | Added Value

The endless debate of figuring out exactly when a TV commercial effectively influences the viewer.

Three Steps to Best Practice in Device Agnostic Tracking

06 Oct 2014 | Zoe Dowling

Shorter, devise agnostic questionnaires are the future of tracking studies.

The Right Way For Brands To Leverage 'Event Television' Now

08 Sep 2014 | Helen Firth

Does an event like the Emmys provide a compelling platform around which brands can build relevant, generous content?

A Next Generation Approach to Brand Equity Tracking

04 Sep 2014 | Added Value

Measuring and monitoring brand equity has become a required discipline for any global marketer.

Activator is Next Generation Tracking: A Manifesto

19 Aug 2014 | Brian Kushnir

Built for the way marketing works now, Added Value launches Activator: Next Generation Tracking…

Observations from the 2014 Advertising Research Foundation Convention

14 Apr 2014 | Added Value

Five learnings from the Advertising Research Foundation Convention

Transforming Tracking: From Rearview Mirror to Brand Activator

09 Apr 2014 | Added Value

Our team discusses changes in marketing and insights, the claim that ‘tracking is dead’ and how Added Value is Transforming Tracking.

Fair Exchange: Equal Benefits

10 Feb 2014 | Erna George

Long-term relationships benefit the health of the brand, and can save both parties a significant amount of time and money.

Digital Social and ROI: Making Content Matter

06 Nov 2013 | Mahta Emrani

We need to rethink the question of calculating ROI on digital…

Enough to Drive us Girls Mad?

06 Mar 2013 | puddickm

Beer brands are falling flat by failing to communicate to women simply because they are branding them pretty and pink.

I Feel What You Feel: Mirror Neurons and Advertising

07 Apr 2011 | Added Value

Brands are leaning towards communicating more emotional brand experiences in a bid to hook viewers on a deeper level.

How to Engage Chinese Consumers: with Partnership and Respect

25 Mar 2011 | Added Value

China’s people are increasingly proud of the country’s growing status; and brands are taking notice, looking to form stronger relationships with the country’s consumers.

Communication: Tracking

01 Jan 2009 | Added Value

Communication: Touchpoint Connectivity

01 Jan 2009 | Added Value

Communication: Copy testing

01 Jan 2009 | Added Value

Communication: Semiotic Audit

01 Jan 2009 | Added Value