FragmentNation: Kantar Thought Leaders Share Insights on Brand Success in Today’s Fragmented Marketplace

05 Dec 2016|Added Value

The current fragmented business environment has exploded with diversity in tastes, values, ideologies and lifestyles, making it more challenging than ever for brands to make meaningful connections with consumers. On November 15th, Kantar hosted “FragmentNation”— an event that explored how brands can navigate the current fragmented world and better connect with consumers. Key thought leaders from across Kantar came together to share their views and truths on navigating this complicated world and to provide client attendees with 10 key takeaways for success in a future of multiplicity.

At FragmentNation, we showed our clients a truly collaborative Kantar, with our operating brands coming together, each bringing something unique and valuable to the table.

Kantar Added Value provided three of the 10 actionable thought leadership pieces, offering action-oriented takeaways:

colorbrave-4Whitney Dunlap-Fowler, Brand & Cultural Strategist And Intercultural Practice Lead, Kantar Added Value NY , presented ‘From Color Blind to Color Brave’ speaking with Valeria Piaggio of Kantar Futures. Brands must be brave about social issues that minorities care about. Click here to read more.




fn2Joanna Franchini, VP Cultural Insight, Kantar Added Value NY, presented ‘Agents of Discovery: Cultural Currency in the Age of Fragmentation’. How can brands be heard in an environment of increasing noise. Click here to read more.





fn1Leslie Pascaud, Executive VP Purpose Branding and Innovation, Kantar Added Value NY, presented ‘Think Big, Act Small’ with George Carens of Kantar Media. Brands should follow three principles to successfully think big and act small. Click here to read more.




If you would like to read more, the event was live tweeted – head over to Twitter and search for @AddedValueUS or #FragmentNation

A combined PDF of all 10 presentations is available here.


Please contact if you are interested in receiving the PDF or have any other questions about the event of accessing the materials.

Image source: Kantar.

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