Social Good Innovations - November 2016

15 Nov 2016|Added Value


inno6Print worth Planting:  Millions of newspapers find their way to trash cans every day. But what if there were an alternative? Japanese daily newspaper The Mainichi Shimbunsha introduced a new solution: a paper made of recycled and vegetable paper that can be planted once you’ve finished reading. Read on here.



inno3Transforming Tastebuds: Bingers rejoice! Scientists at the University of London have developed a brand of high-tech cutlery that uses a light electrical current to trick (shock!) you into thinking you’re indulging, even if what you’re eating is bland. Find out more here.



inno4Florida brewery launches the edible six-pack ring: It’s the hallmark of elementary school recycling programs across the country: an image of a sea turtle with its head stuck in a six-pack ring. Florida-based Saltwater Brewery has developed a completely edible six-pack ring using by-products from their beer manufacturing process. Take a look here.



edits-4v2Smog free-tower in Beijing turns pollution into jewelry: Rotterdam-based Studio Roosegaarde has created a giant smog vacuum cleaner, powered primarily by wind, that  uses an electric current to clean 30,000 cubic meters of air per hour. The current attracts harmful airborne particles and compresses them into tiny cubes used in the smog-free jewelry collection, leaving only clean air behind. Learn more here.



instagram-icon-2016z-1Instagram tackles self harm: In a bid to draw attention to the growing issue of self-harm, Instagram launched a new reporting tool allowing users, who may not feel comfortable broaching the subject directly, to anonymously report images of these friends’ posts about self-harm. This, in turn, prompts a message from Instagram to the user in question, offering support as well as access to a help line. Read more about the initiative here.

Written by the Branding for Good team.

Image source: The Mainichi Shimbunsha

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