Social Good Innovations - August 2016

02 Aug 2016|Leslie Pascaud

Welcome to the latest edition of Branding for Good, a newsletter focused on building brand purpose: the challenges, opportunities, our solutions and points of view.

SGI-1Electricity-free Evaptainers: natural cooling to reduce food waste
40% of food produced in Africa spoils before reaching destination. MIT graduate Quang Truong’s Evaptainer’s evaporative cooling techniques uses highly conductive aluminium and special fabric to extract heat out of the unit’s interior. This lightweight, efficient cooling system keeps food cold and fresh for 12 hours.
Check it out here.

SGI-2Wello’s WaterWheel lightens the load
Imagine carrying 42 pounds on your head and then walking for miles in the desert heat. This is a daily chore for millions of women and young girls in the developing world. Many spend 25% of their day collecting water for their families. Wello WaterWheel is a pushable high-quality plastic container that can hold 5x as much water as traditional methods, making water collection almost child’s play. Discover more here.

SGI-3“Nude for All” redefines skin tone
When Naja CEO, Catalina Girald noticed African American gymnast Gabby Douglas wearing a “nude” ankle wrap that didn’t match her skin tone, she decided to correct society’s misperception. Her “Nude for All” collection, features seven varieties of nude to cater to a diverse array of skin tones. Read more here.


SGI-4Re-Nuble bottles food waste into fertilizer
Tinia Pina’s concern over food waste united with her frustration over chemical fertilization, gave birth to Re-Nuble. This organic fertilizer sterilizes and processes liquid nutrients, giving them a year-long shelf life. The result: healthier, chemical-free food grown locally at lower costs. Check out more here.


SGI-5Ben & Jerry’s promotes democracy through “Empower-Mint”
The ice cream giant wants you to know that democracy is in your hands. Their newest campaign and flavor ‘Empower-Mint’ was introduced in North Carolina earlier this year as part of a campaign to protest voter suppression and to support the NAACP’s get out the vote efforts. The limited edition flavor is just a part of the company’s year-long effort to register at least 30,000 new voters. Read more about this initiative here.



Written by Leslie Pascaud, Executive Vice President Purpose Branding and Sustainable Innovation.

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