Cultural Vibrancy: The New Essential Partner for Growth

27 May 2015|Added Value

Does your brand have a cultural mission? Find out how Diageo is changing the way it works to embed its brands in culture at the Lions Innovation Festival 2015. 

Using Diageo as a partner case study, our session will give an insight into how cultural strategy helps to inspire and create big business growth and innovations that work. We have been working with Diageo to help them connect more deeply to the world around them in the same nimble way that an entrepreneur might. Proving that big businesses aren’t always slow to innovate and can be both entrepreneurial and creative.

We’ll look at; how to use new technology to connect the whole business to emerging culture and create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship; how to use a cultural strategy to take a wider angle view of the world so they can be first to the party with new ideas; and how to re-frame the idea of innovation and what a good idea looks like to make it something that happens in their business.


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