Branding for Good - Issue 41

30 Apr 2015|Added Value

Empowering Women One Brand at a Time
Women are a “ hot” topic this month …and we don’t mean that in a sexist way. In fact, women, fed up with every day sexism, are taking control of their common destinies, redefining the meaning of womanhood across countries, societies and sectors. Alongside them are a handful of brands acting as social advocates. Some of these brands are simply responding to this shift while the most cutting edge amongst them are influencing the cultural conversation. Click here to read more...

Social Good Innovations
Discover 5 surprising innovations from pee-powered lighting to a water-filtering pool set in the middle of NY’s East River. Click here to discover them.

Purpose Driven Brands
Walmart showcases women-owned companies
Last month, retail giant Walmart unveiled a campaign to celebrate women makers and businesses. Customers can now shop products made by women-owned businesses donning Walmart’s newly designed “Women-Owned” logo on product packaging or in the category online. Click here to read more…

Airbnb campaign brings attention to NYC homeless
When a Homeless Airbnb listing pops up, people are forced to confront another side of New York and America. Airbnb has sponsored this social-awareness campaign to encourage customers to support one of New York City’s homeless shelters. Click here to read more…

IBM & Mars use data to advance global food safety
Scientists from IBM Research and Mars have established a new collaborative food safety platform leveraging advances in genomics to further the understanding of what makes food safe. In the U.S. alone, one in six people are affected by food-borne diseases each year, resulting in 128,000 hospitalizations, 3,000 deaths, and $9 billion in medical costs. As the food supply chain becomes more global and complex, more sophisticated techniques are being sought to avoid these risks. Click here to read more…

Carlsberg will develop a biodegradable wood fiber bottle
Beer giant Carlsberg recently announced its plans to develop the world’s first fully biodegradable wood-fiber bottle. This three-year project in collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark seeks to have all parts of the bottle — including the cap —manufactured using only bio-based and biodegradable materials, so they can be responsibly discarded and degraded. Click here to read more…

JetBlue’s new mentoring program helping small, responsible food companies get off the ground
JetBlue Airways recently launched its first business mentoring program, called BlueBud (for buddies + budding new companies), to offer small and start-up food companies an opportunity to get their businesses off the ground (pun intended) and their products on-board commercial aircrafts. Click here to read more…

Written by Leslie Pascaud,  EVP Branding and Sustainable Innovation.

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