Branding for Good - Issue 40

26 Feb 2015|Added Value

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Smart Data at the Heart of Pro-Social Brands
Brands are increasingly reliant on data-driven intelligence for successful business decisions. They are also progressively integrating the delivery of positive social impacts into their strategies.
But the real news is that brands like Intel and Panasonic are combining the former with the latter: using data as an intelligent compass for ambitious social good strategy that is redefining marketing and innovation. Click here to read more…

Social Good Innovations
Discover 5 freshly picked innovations from cooling paint to invincible soccer balls. Click here to discover them.

Purpose Driven Brands
Facebook social partnership
When a child goes missing, time is of the essence. Facebook has recently announced a new partnership with AMBER, a US government agency dedicated to broadcasting announcements about missing children. Facebook users within a defined location range will now receive alert notifications in their News Feeds each time there is a child missing. Click here to read more…

Royal Caribbean coming clean
Cruising on crystal blue oceans is a dirty business. So it is encouraging to hear that Royal Caribbean Cruises has announced it will retrofit 19 of its ships with advanced emissions purification (AEP) systems, also known as scrubbers, which will remove more than 97 percent of the sulfur dioxide emissions generated by the ships’ diesel engines. Find out more…

Patagonia and Yerdle make ‘giving’ profitable for all
After its famous “don’t buy this jacket” campaign, Patagonia is now investing in Yerdle, a start-up that allows users to earn credits by giving away stuff they no longer want… which can be used to “buy” items that they do have a use for. The two partners are also launching a series of worn-wear swap events at Patagonia retail locations across the country. Click here to read more…

Absolut goes underground
Absolut is backing the transformation of an abandoned trolley terminal in New York into the world’s first subterranean park: The lowline. The project, which was partly funded through kickstarter early 2012, is now getting more support from the iconic alcohol brand that will donate $1 from each sale of the new Absolut Lowline cocktails in participating bars. Find out more…

Asda gives misshapen fruit a second chance
Countless tons of fresh fruit and vegetables are wasted in the UK because supermarkets won’t accept misshapen produce. Retailers fear consumers will be put off by the imperfections despite the fact that they taste the same. Jamie Oliver’s new television show “Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast” highlighted this issue, which has lead Asda supermarket to put misshapen fruits on their shelves at a discounted price in a national trial at the end of January. Click here to read more…

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