Social Good Innovations - January 2015

20 Jan 2015|Added Value

BFG2Very cool paint
AkzoNobel invented Dulux Weathershield KeepCool exterior paint to keep buildings 10-15% cooler. The paint reflects up to 90% more sun and infrared radiation than other similar paints, allowing less heat transfer to building interiors.



BFG banner - full image - CopieAfter local food: local clothes
The North Face’s Backyard Hoodie partners with local cotton producers (Fibershed) who use up to 73% fewer chemicals in cotton production. The North Face works with local artisans/weavers (Foxfibre) who tint with natural substances to deliver a cleaner and greener sweatshirt.



?????The world’s most durable soccer ball
One World Futbol is an invincible soccer ball that never goes flat, lasts forever and withstands the toughest environments in the world. That’s a dream for any kid! And for each ball purchased, another one goes to youth organizations in disadvantaged communities –where people can’t afford to replace easily punctured balls.



???????????????????????????Ford and Nest connect car to home
Ford and Nest are teaming up to launch a new app that will reduce the amount of energy we use in our homes. The app monitors when you leave and return home in your car so as to regulate the temperature of your house accordingly.



BFG3SMS alerts for water leaks
By collecting data from assembled smart meters, PowWow energy detects water leaks from irrigation systems used in agriculture. When leaks appear, the system sends SMS alerts to the farmer. The solution prevents unnecessary loss of resources and reduces repair costs.




Image credits: The NorthFace, Ford, Nest, PowWow, AksoNobel,Dulux, One World Futbol.

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