Positive Ageing: The Age of Tomorrow

29 Oct 2014|pompei de warrensc

Today, our society has finally understood the importance and urgency of responding to the huge and ever-expanding opportunity represented by seniors. Our once ‘age-phobic’ society has quickly transformed into a world where seniors are rehabilitated, where ageing is no longer something to be feared, and where science and technology are working hard to push the boundaries of longevity. What if the next step is a society where ‘ageing’ is no longer reviled, but rather prized as the most beautiful part of life? What if Positive Ageing was not a smart trick invented for and by marketers, but a real social phenomenon that will shape future society? If this sounds crazy to you, here’s some food for thought:

Age is beauty & style… – Seniors are already becoming the new icons of the beauty and fashion worlds. MAC, American Apparel and Dove have already taken a stand, using seniors to embody aspirational beauty. At Lanvin, seniors have been taking centre stage as new style ambassadors, while senior models, such as Iris Apfel and Daphne Selfe, are increasingly in the spotlight.

Age is empowerment… – It goes without saying that seniors are living the good life: they have wisdom and maturity on their side, and the financial, political and social clout to match! Some brands have been taking steps to understand how to best engage with them. Barclays invites its staff to wear clothes that imitate the physical sensations of aging to foster empathy with their senior clients. In its last campaign, DEPEND (a brand of underwear for seniors) focuses on power and success in order to overcome ageist stereotypes.

Age is freedom… – Taking our cues from recent campaigns by Taco Bell, MasterCard and IRN BRU, we can think of ‘age’ in terms of emancipation and fun! Seniors are ‘Neo-teens’: once released from their familial and social responsibilities, seniors act like bold and brilliant free electrons, driven by their appetite for life. The new seniors break the rules, tell the truth, and have little time for political correctness!

…and Age doesn’t matter anymore – Scientists are breaking new ground in their quest for the fountain of youth: Harvard and Stanford universities have discovered a protein (GDF11) that rejuvenates brain and heart cells (New Scientist); according to Hugh Herr (professor at Media Lab), “soon, new electro-mechanical implants will be able to repair our bodies and organs and also to fight against age-related mental deficiencies such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer”.

So soon we will all have plenty to look forward to as we celebrate our 60th birthdays, which is good news because, as they say, time flies!

Written by Cécile Gorgeon, Director Added Value France.

Image source: Thinkstock

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