Crafting New Opportunities for Brands

30 Jul 2014|Added Value

Craft is changing. Far from only being the realm of the expert, modern craft is now open to everyone. Brands that are in culture know that it is no longer limited to the handmade and niche, but it is recasting the traditional to make products authentically – in small batches with passion. They reach boldly into the future, embracing science as an inspiring place of creativity and craft. Our Cultural Insight team explores three new approaches to modern craft.

Small Batch Passion

With growing distrust in big industry, small, passionate producers will continue to be loved. They make things the traditional, honest way. Their creations are increasingly loved by engaged consumers who care about the human faces behind the product.  And so it is this brave, bold entrepreneurialism that will drive the most successful brands forward when it comes to modern craft.

Workshop Coffee Craft

All the coffee served at the independent Workshop Coffee in Clerkenwell, London, is roasted on site, in their industrial sized roaster that fills almost the entire ground floor of the café.





Assemble & Join is a community micro-manufacturing venture that runs workshops where anyone and everyone can become a craftsperson.





Mutterland deli, in Hamburg, only stocks food from small and medium-sized factories, ‘which are manufactured or processed in manageable quantities’.




These brands are genuinely authentic – they don’t pretend to be small and they find a way to do it truthfully. The very best brands exemplifying small batch passion have a human quality and aren’t afraid to showcase the people and production methods, even behind their biggest brands.

Creative Science

As well as purity and precision, science will begin to represent inspiration, creativity and passion. Science will stop being baffling and impenetrable – it will be explained in a detailed and comprehensible way. With growth in 3D printing and coding, the creative potential of technology for brands will be impossible to miss.

iron hack

Iron Hack run hands-on, intensive courses on how to build iOS apps and web development, in both Madrid and Barcelona.




Iris van herpen 3D

Fashion designer Iris van Herpen has created several collections of dresses using 3D printers. This process allows complex geometric designs that would not be achievable with other manufacturing techniques.




Ibis sleepart

Hotel chain Ibis has launched the Sleep Art app – which transforms movements during sleep into art. It captures overnight movement, and converts data into virtual brush strokes, letting you wake to a colourful work of art.




Science is not just for geeks any more. The brands bringing craft into the future through science trust consumers and their ability to understand; they don’t patronise but simply show their passion for science and technology.

Involving Stories

People have always wanted to know about the brands they buy, but they’re demanding more than ever. Products are no longer enough – they’re hungry for experiences. And these experiences need to be active and involving if they’re to be impactful. The brands that allow consumers to discover more and get dynamically immersed in the stories are those that will create a deeper emotional engagement.

Sipsmith craftSipsmith Independent Spirits are all handcrafted in small batches. They open the doors to the distillery weekly so consumers can hear about how they bought handcrafted gin production back to the capital.




Brick breweryBrick Brewery is a microbrewery that produces craft beer in the heart of Peckham. Their tap room opens every Saturday so you can go and enjoy a few beers direct from the source.




Abel Cole organic vegetablesAbel & Cole celebrate the farmers, growers, makers & bakers on their website so the consumer can read about the provenance of the produce and the people who pull up something fresh and organic for their weekly box.




Brands that take hold of the emerging areas of modern craft and further, actually invite consumers to play a role in their stories will thrive.


Image credits: Thinkstock, Ultravie, Assemble & Join, Hafentelegramm, Iron Hack, Fast Company, YouTube, Sipsmith, Brick Brewery & Telegraph

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