5 Eco Innovations - June 2014

23 Jun 2014|Added Value

BFG1Edyn: ‘The Geek’s Garden’
Edyn is a smart garden system that monitors and tracks soil quality and irrigation levels, giving real time advice via your smartphone on when and how much to water or add nutrients (fertilizer) so your veggies grow better and faster. Currently on Kickstarter, Edyn’s founder Jason Aramburu intends to create a massive database from Edyn users to learn what plants grow well in different climates and hopes the learnings will help to foster a new age of sustainable gardening and farming.
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PareUp1PareUp: Commericalizing food waste
Pareup is an app which connects consumers with unsold restaurant and grocery store food in their local area proposed at discounted prices. Consumers receive alerts about excess food through their smart phones, purchase via the app and pick up in person. Whilst still in beta, the app has the potential to disrupt America’s throw away food culture and make food redistribution easier for consumers and businesses.
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BFG3Mud Jeans ‘leasing’ business model
Dutch fashion label ‘Mud Jeans’ has introduced a disruptive concept ‘Lease a Jeans’ in a bid to develop a circular fashion model. Consumers are encouraged to rent their jeans for a year, and then can decide whether to keep them, return them or switch them. Items which are returned are repurposed and recycled into new products – jeans, bags and hoodies.
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BFG4Starbucks recycles coffee into cowfeed
The Seattle-based company has teamed up with a contact lens manufacturer Menicon to convert coffee grounds from 136 of its Japanese coffee shops into feed for dairy cows. Grounds are transported from coffee shops to a recycling center, where a new lactic acid fermentation technique makes the coffee grounds more nutritious than if they were simply used as compost. Read more here…



BFG5EcoATM: Cashback on your obsolete cellphone
Cell phone components are highly toxic. But they are also increasingly valuable as illustrated by Outerwall Inc’s introduction of EcoATM, the first automated e-waste recycling station. Outerwall has set up 900 kiosks in the U.S which accept old phones, tablets and MP3 players and offer cash in exchange.
When a device is deposited into an EcoATM kiosk, it is scanned for type, serial number and condition. The EcoATM will then search for the highest price among a network of buyers, and ask if you agree to sell your device. Money is exchanged on the spot after proof of identity is provided. Read more here…


Image source: Edyn, PareUp, Mud Jeans, Starbucks, EcoATM.

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