Apple and Beats? It’s All About Cultural Vibrancy

29 May 2014|Brian Kushnir

The consensus seems to be that Apple’s acquisition of Beats is a good move.  We see it as a culture play, a way for Apple to infuse the cultural vibrancy of Beats and emerge stronger and more relevant. Something that couldn’t be more important for Apple, as we noted in our case study last year, Apple was losing its Cultural Vibrancy. Cultural Traction 1Insiders and commentators seem to agree.

Apple CEO Tim Cook memo to employees, via 9TO5MAC: Quote1

Jimmy Iovine via The New York Times: Quote 2 via CNN Money: Quote 3

Doug Morris via The Wall Street Journal:

Quote 4 TechCrunch: Quote 5

Ed Cotton via InfluxInsights: Quote 6

Our take?  In 2010, Apple reigned supreme. But in the few years since, its role and vibrancy in culture have lessened, while Google’s and Samsung’s have strengthened.




Apple is still a gargantuan in our cultural psyche, one that has been eroded by precocious competitors and a loss of momentum and declining perceptions that it is a Visionary and Exciting brand.  The acquisition of Beats  – and Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine in the process – may add much needed spark and inventiveness, and help bring Cultural Vibrancy back to Apple.

We’ll be following this story with interest.


Written by Brian Kushnir, Managing Director Added Value Los Angeles

Image credits: New York Times, Apple & Added Value

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