Responsible Marketing

24 Jan 2014|Cultural Insight Team

With the start of 2014, some of our favorite brands have gained a social conscience.

With a growing trend of drinking less, Heineken is urging us to cut down on our drinking with their campaign ‘Dance More Drink Slow’. It has been designed to promote moderation over excess and abstinence, for that matter. Who would have thought that not drinking-  could actually be cool, even in the most hipster enclaves of London there are now  abstinence nights. 

Check out the ad

Guinness’ latest campaign encourages us to spend less time connected to our digital devices, to detach ourselves from our phones, and engage with our friends, living in the moment.



This campaign builds on current trends that promote offline lives, such as ‘Undigitize Me‘ a think tank dedicated to raising the awareness of smartphone addiction and researching methods for its treatment and rehabilitation. Their recent campaign published photos sent in of people doing daily activities with their phones faced down. This year consumers will continue to care more about buying from socially responsible brands, which reflect social trends and speak up. Are you listening?

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