04 Oct 2013|Cultural Insight Team

How do you raise awareness on driving under the influence of drugs- by scaring people or through a more imaginative approach?

A video trending over the internet from New Zealand creatively uses humour, to give more impact to the message.

We see three Maori kids sitting in and around a car, each taking turns to imitate their stoned dad behind the wheel,  while making funny faces and speaking in hilarious slang. Apparently, most parents won’t let their kids see them actually get high, but have no problem exposing them, to their driving under the effects.

Every adult mind wants to say something like- No, kids, driving under the influence might appear funny, but it is actually very, very dangerous.

Oh, wait a minute…we see what you did there.

This is an interesting approach on creating awareness and it leaves us wondering if humour is indeed more effective than a good scare…


Image source: The Inspiration Room

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