His and Hers?

17 Sep 2013|Cultural Insight Team

After the sublimely sarcastic Amazon reaction to the ‘Bic for Her’ and Bridget Christie’s award winning comedy show  to the same effect. We thought brands might have got the message: gender stereotyping anything as everyday as a pen just isn’t a goer. Discovering we were wrong was probably not such a surprise, but doing so in the dairy aisle of the supermarket really was.

Muller have recently released gender specific yoghurts, blue for boys and pink for girls. On their website children are invited to either ‘have fun in our flower garden’ or ‘show us your football skills’. This feels rather unimaginative, and frankly backward, especially after toy chain Toys ‘R’ Us agreed to end gender marketing.


But Muller are not alone. Kinder Surprise are set to release limited edition pink and blue eggs in the UK, with the pink containing dolls and the blue containing toy cars. Who knows what’s next…. pink tinted bottled water with floating gold leaf and rejuvenating electrolytes?

Hero image credit: Grocery Gems

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