07 Aug 2013|Cultural Insight Team

We’ve talked before about brands promising a story but failing to deliver. Well, this story-telling is the real deal. On a recent scoping expedition – searching for expressions of Brazilian-ness in London – we naturally headed straight to the specialist alcohol shop for a Cachaҫa run, where this Germana bottle caught our eye.


It turns out the banana leaf wrapping, whilst beautiful and rustic, is much more than a design feature. Originally, due to the small numbers involved in production, the Cachaҫa was poured into any discarded bottle close to hand. The banana leaf was wrapped around the bottle in order to disguise the brand logo. But this banana leaf has been retained in the exported version as a story-rich link to the brand’s past.

This theme of up-cycling seems to be strong in many areas of Brazilian culture, where ingenuity is a design statement. This furniture exhibition of Brazilian ‘super-cyclers’ celebrates socially responsible design that transforms waste materials into beautiful objects.  Also, the film ‘Waste Land’ documents Brazilian artist Vik Muniz’s project, with trash-pickers, in a Rio landfill to create self-portraits using the discarded material they work with every day.


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