Eco Innovations - July 2013

31 Jul 2013|Added Value

Image1Flush for Good
American Standard has joined up with WaterAid to improve access to safe sanitation in Bangladesh. Together they have developed the SaTo (derived from “Safe Toilet”) which reduces transmission of disease by closing off pit latrines from open air. A small amount of water is retained after each flush to create an airtight seal as well as reduce odors.
Yerdle is a website that allows users to find items they need by connecting with their friends. It aims to challenge the way people think about possessions and to encourage better use of the things we (and our friends) already have.
Summer is finally here. And with it comes the increase of litter in public parks. To solve this problem, the CleanPicnic blanket (designed in the Netherlands) transforms into a sealable, disposable waste bag when it’s time to leave the park.
Image4Solar Panel Ad
The Solar Ad Charger campaign uses a paper-thin solar panel to provide Brazilian beachgoers with a portable phone-charging device. Its ad created for Nivea in Veja Rio magazine included a USB slot to which the user could connect their phone. Not only did the ad prove useful for a day at the beach, but communicated Nivea’s core message that if UV rays can charge a smartphone, surely they can burn unprotected skin too.
Image5Hope Soap
Kids find washing their hands tedious. But soap is one of  the most effective ways of preventing the spread of disease, particularly in disadvantaged areas. Hope Soap was born out of a need to combat the hygiene crisis in Blikkiesdorp, an informal settlement in the Western Cape. To get to the visible toy inside, kids must routinely wash their hands, instilling a habit of hand washing and increasing awareness of hand hygiene.

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