Rum and Rummage

30 Apr 2013|Cultural Insight Team

We know that – when it comes to shopping – the experience is often worth even more than the product. Going to the flea market, or Flohmarkt, is a very common and beloved activity in Germany. Waking up at 6 or 7 on a Saturday to bag some good deals is by no means considered insane. Early birds get the best products, everybody knows that. But night birds don’t have it bad either. At least not in when it comes to night flea markets, Nachtflohmarkt.

From time to time, Germany’s largest cities host midnight flea markets, held in big halls, former historical buildings or anything large enough to keep such an event indoors. Hundreds of passionate sellers lay out their best merchandise for the night crowd. The “accessories” of these markets are the concerts or DJ’s that spice up the atmosphere. Not to mention, where there is live music, there is a bar. Beers and cocktails make the bargaining with the very hip fashion sellers more fun and sociable. And if you don’t find the perfect purse, the perfect sound and drink can help you forget…

For a long time, we’ve seen shops holding ‘events’ that allow customers into the store after hours, bringing in djs and mixologists to push the transactional towards the experiential. But there is something about the spontaneity and unexpectedness of a flea market – it’s the hipsters favourite treasure hunt, after all – that lends itself particularly well to this cocktail-soaked midnight menagerie.

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