Telling Tales

24 Apr 2013|Cultural Insight Team

Brands seem very eager to talk about stories at the moment. But we’re struggling to see where they’re actually telling any.

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Story (, Story (, And Other Stories (

Three examples that have leaped out to us recently are – the London restaurant Story, the fruit juice company Story and H&M’s recently launched sister company And Other Stories. All of these brands lead with the compelling idea of storytelling, but don’t seem to be telling any tangible tales.

When we’re promised story we want adventure, we want romance, we want rich worlds bought to glorious life, we want intrigue and mystery and epic voyages. We want a vivid narrative landscape for our minds to inhabit, characters we can invest in and triggers for our imagination.

We are frustrated with being offered something we love, only to be disappointed. We want inspiration, not a hollow promise.

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