Garnished with Story

22 Apr 2013|Cultural Insight Team

To inject deeper meaning into their Garnish and Go offer Waitrose have weaved a compelling story around the origins of their offer and how cooking fish in a bag came to be.

Waitorse Garnish and Go advert (
Waitorse Garnish and Go advert (

The ad starts in an traditional peasant kitchen in historical France. The narrator tells the story of how the French wrapped their fish with herbs and butter in a paper bag (en papillote) to keep the fish moist and to infuse it with flavour. Waitrose have taken this simple cooking method and created their own papillote in-store service, so all you have to do is pop the bag in the oven and serve.

The advert manages to smoothly marries the current interest in artisan cooking techniques with modern lifestyles, using an enchanting story. It feel genuine and engages the viewer in the act of cooking itself.

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