Enough to Drive us Girls Mad?

06 Mar 2013|puddickm

If they don’t want girly beers, what DO women want?’ this was the headline to an article in The Grocer magazine (22nd February 2013) about how beer brands are falling flat by failing to communicate to women simply because they are branding them pretty and pink.

Enough to drive us girls mad? Brands and marketers need to realise that not all women are the same nor want the same things, you can’t just simply market to over half the population (that’s over 32 million of us just in the UK) and expect everyone to love it.

If it’s really necessary for a brand to solely target to women and differentiate itself from the other gender (as a lot of the time it’s unnecessary to do so), then they need to start by thinking about which kind of women they want to target, to really get to grips and understand the different kinds of woman out there they could appeal to. Drinks brands say a lot about the drinker (one could say that a beer is the cheapest status symbol you can buy), so you have to create brands that reflect the aspirational self of the drinker.  To achieve this you have to properly understand how she wants to be seen to others as well to herself, to get under her skin and walk a mile in her (impossibly high) shoes.

Some ideas may indeed appeal across a few groups, but appreciate that it’s not going to appeal to all women. Women like Adele, Katie Price, Kate Middleton, Helen Mirren are all high profile successful women & aspirational role models for different tribes of British women – but do they all have the same needs, aspirations and ultimately want to purchase the same products and brands?


Read ‘The duality dilemma – Marketing to Modern Women’ for more information or feel free to contact us.

Written by Mel Puddick, Director, Added Value UK


Image source: Dreamstime

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