Eco Innovations - December 2012

13 Dec 2012|Added Value

Old clothes, new fashions
Rather than just passing on your old clothes to someone else, the textile sorter brings true recycling to the sustainability mix this November. The textile4textile project has created a machine in Amsterdam that uses infrared light to detect fabric types and sort old clothes.




The GreenCam app
Now your monitor can take a well-deserved break whilst you do. Brazilian company Ecobeneficious have developed the GreenCam PC app. It’s free and turns your webcam into a motion sensor so that every time you move away from the front of the machine, the movement is detected and the screen turned off.




The Shoe
Attention ladies: the solution to aching feet after a night out in towering heels. The ‘Ambi Platform’ contains a built in flat shoe that can be removed and worn alone for comfort. For the eco-fashionista these shoes offer style, convenience, comfort and are environmentally friendly in one…or two!




Solar Kiosk
In the age of smartphones, some people still have to walk for two days to charge their phones. And this is just one of the many problems for 1.5 billion people living in off-grid areas. Cue German designed SOLARKIOSK. They’ve just launched their first kiosk in Ethiopia, supplying solar energy to households and aiding development.




Rubies in the Rubble
Remember Ben & Jerry’s ‘Join Our Core’ competition from last issue? Well, B&J have found a winner. Jenny Dawson wages war against food waste by turning it into premium chutneys and jams. She already sells in London’s Borough market and B&J’s has offered to help her approach large retailers as she aims to conquer the nation.



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