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14 Sep 2012|Added Value

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It’s a cliché to say that growth is at the top of both the political and corporate agendas: from the crisis in Europe to the stalled US economy to the slowing BRIC engine, we’re all hunting for the key to unlock the magic door. But when you look up, there’s plenty of growth out there: you just need to know where to find it. Here are some thoughts.

There are worse places to start than India…
Why? Because India is set to receive a sweet demographic dividend from having a young working age population: while China’s population ages rapidly.
‘Massive Demographic change’ gives India edge over China

For that matter, other emerging markets aren’t bad either
More generally, this Mckinsey Quarterly has a great piece on how to not miss out on the next wave of massive consumption coming from emerging markets.
Going for gold in emerging markets

Speaking of fertility rates and growth…
Google’s Public Data lets you create interactive data visualizations using a variety of economic, health and development data, which could help shine a light on where to look for economic growth, and why.
Discover this tool here

But there is a caution on emerging markets!
Harvard professor Dani Rodrik’s recent piece questions whether emerging markets can really be the growth engines of the future.  He argues that growth relies on a happy combination of  industrialization , strong institutions and adequate human capital in the form of an educated workforce.
No more growth miracle 

Why Walmart is like a forest
Switching tack completely, how about thinking of your company as an ecosystem? David K. Hurst thinks it can yield lessons for innovation, growth and renewal. As companies look for ways to combat rising competition, they can find examples from resilient and sustainable systems all around them.
Thinking about your company as an ecosystem yields lessons for innovation, growth, and renewal

Growth hacking
And onto another big beast. A former Facebook growth team member talks about the crucial decisions Facebook’s growth team took to help the social network reach 500 million users.
Read more about it here

Inside tech growth
Staying in the tech space, it’s never dull to see how some of the new web giants grew so fast.  Here are a couple of case studies: one about Dropbox and one about Pinterest:
The 7 Ways Dropbox Hacked Growth to Become a $4 Billion Company

Pinterest Growth Hacks: How did it grow so fast?

Why the next big thing won’t come from a Fortune 500 company
Fast Company would say that, wouldn’t they? But the stock market makes it difficult to argue. iStock Photo wasn’t spun out of Getty Images, Airbnb wasn’t incubated by Hilton. Having little to lose is a good place to be.
Check out what 99Designs cofounder has to say

Mobile is where the growth is
New York Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson explains how most of the growth for tech companies is currently coming from products meant for mobile. Think about that…
Read his post here 

Grand challenges
And now for something completely different. Singularity University’s list of Grand Challenges are here to inspire fresh thinking into where future growth opportunities might lie.
One Billion People, Ten Years, Positive Change = 10⁹+

What’s hot in consumer tech?
Take a look at this list of Accelerator Y Combinator’s start-up companies to find out where innovation is currently happening in the consumer technology space and where it might be headed.
Check the list here

32 innovations that will change your tomorrow
From Michelin star TV dinners to teeth that think; from a world without hangovers to electric clothes. They’re all here. And they’re going to change your tomorrow.
The shape of things to come

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Written by Jonathan Hall, Managing Director Added Value Cheskin

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