Branding for Good NEWS - Issue 31

15 Mar 2012|Added Value

Welcome to Issue 31 of Branding for Good News, Added Value’s newsletter focused exclusively on sustainable marketing; the challenges, opportunities, our solutions and points of view.

Several significant events take place this year with the potential for seismic global change. The US presidential elections, the Chinese leadership transition, the expiration of the targets set by the Kyoto Protocol, and the Rio+20 Earth Summit. OK, so we won’t hold our breath but we do think austerity and cynicism is increasingly being replaced by a sense of optimism and activism.

Our Cultural Insight team identified ‘the power to change’ as a hot emergent trend for 2012.  Movements such as Occupy are gaining global pace.  From Wall Street to Frankfurt  people have taken to the streets to “initiate global change” against capitalism. This Spring promises a fresh uprising of activity in the US as wealthy supporters, including Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s, have pledge their cash as part of a new entity called the Resource Movement Group (RMG). RMG’s goal is to raise $1.8 million, to be given out as grants to protesters whose projects win their approval. Ben & Jerry’s have publicly supported the Occupy movement from the start, calling for systemic change rather than ‘tweaks’.

Interestingly, we are witnessing ‘the power to change’ manifesting in China too.  The sense of environmental consciousness amongst the post 90s is palpable, says our Jerry Clode, who sees encouraging signs for China’s environmental future. They are determined, he says, to make a difference. Read more…

Brands continuing to engage in sustainable initiatives:  Avon has joined the global movement aimed at conserving the rainforests of the Earth and saving the endangered tropical forests of South America and Indonesia; AT&T are to launch eco-ratings for all mobile devices; clothes brand SuperDry renew their contract of 100% green energy in all their UK stores and warehouses with Good Energy; and Patagonia is partnering with Ebay to encourage less consumption through their Common Thread Initiative – Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle, Reimagine a sustainable world.

And here at Added Value, to coincide with Sustainable Development Week in France in April, we’ll be holding a webinar on Tuesday 24th April, focusing on the Silent Green Revolution in the Beauty & Hygiene sector. To register your interest please contact  Marina Cozzika. And to receive invitations for upcoming webinars subscribe here.


Addressing China’s environmental challenges

We think General Electric’s recent online campaign is an interesting example of talking ‘sustainable’ in a culturally sensitive way. Their ‘call to arms’ messaging is anchored in the folklore stories of the past…stories where calamity was overcome by collaboration and an innovative attitude to nature… stories which paint the Chinese as masters of their own destiny.  Jerry Clode explores the cultural significance behind GE’s “Future Folklore” campaign. Read more…


Eco Innovations

Gamification looks set to remain a hot topic this year. So we thought it only fitting to highlight some great examples of using gamification tactics to reward doing good. Take a look…


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