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30 Jan 2012|Added Value

As we enter 2012, an uncertain economic outlook dominates the business environment.  We take a look at what the experts are suggesting the future might hold in the short and medium term.

The future of marketing
In their Global CMO Study, IBM asked 1734 CMO’s in 64 countries and 19 industries about their responses to the changing marketing environment. Not surprisingly, three new realities emerged: the empowered customer; the need to deliver customer value; and internal accountability.
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The future corporation
P&G’s CEO, Robert McDonald, aims to make the company the world’s most tech-enabled. Why? To drive innovation, enhance productivity, reduce costs, and so promote faster growth.
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The future of capitalism
Harvard professor Michael Porter argues that the next major transformation of business thinking lies in the concept of shared value: where corporations’ economic success is tied to resolving the apparent contradictions of economic efficiency and social progress. 
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The future of open innovation
How at risk are different industry sectors to the threats posed by open innovation? And how should a company organize to exploit its opportunities? Two articles from the McKinsey Quarterly explore these questions.
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The future of shopping
Looking at how new technologies, innovations and business models are impacting upon the retail industry, with examples ranging from the Apple store to Luxury retailing to net promotion, Groupon and customer loyalty in the age of Twitter. Courtesy of the Harvard Business Review’s Insight Center.
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The future of mobile technology
Mobility has long since been the watchword in communications: now it’s set to be the dominant technology paradigm. Here’s a closer look by Accenture at consumer trends using a survey of 10,000 people in 10 countries. 
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The future of search
Nelson Mattos, Google’s VP of Engineering for the EMEA region, is the brains behind Google Trends and Google Instant. Take a look at what he has to say about Google+ and why the future of search is social.
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The future of cities
We’ve passed the point where 50% of the world’s population lives in urban spaces. Accenture looks at some of the implications.
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Where are the world’s most innovative companies and what do they do?
And to finish: Thomson Reuters has just published a report on the ‘top 100 global innovators’, rating companies by country and industry sector. For a quick overview, take a look at the Economist blog.
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