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30 Aug 2011|Added Value

The 100 most innovative companies in the world
The lifeblood of companies everywhere, innovation is among the key priorities for CEOs. So, which corporations are likely to succeed now and in the future, and why? Here’s a sneak preview:
3.     Intuitive Surgical
4.     Tencent Holdings
5.     Apple
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Innovation: nature or nurture?
Some people are born innovators, others can become one – if they follow some simple guidelines.
Watch the video: The Innovator’s DNA
What are the particular skills that separate business innovators like Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs and Marc Benioff from ordinary managers?
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Structuring for innovation globally
4 billion consumers are joining yesterday’s 1 billion – 3 billion of them are new to the consumer economy, and according to C.K. Prahalad, global businesses are not currently set up to serve them adequately. Trade-offs that are assumed, such as the centralization of innovation capability, need to be fundamentally challenged.
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Enhancing your intuition about threats and opportunities
In a world of data overload and received wisdoms, executives need fresh ways of looking at data. Pankaj Ghemawat  uses ‘rooted maps’ to help look at the world in a different way – and visualizing content in a fascinating way.
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Leveraging social media to reach new targets
Corporations are increasingly asking themselves what they should be doing about social media. Here are two experiences from very different industries. Cees van Lede, Chairman of Heineken’s supervisory board, shares his company’s love of social media to target a new generation of beer drinkers.
Take a look: A thirst for social media
And find out how retail banks can use Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to reach younger, tech-savvy customers.
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Infographics, typography and tunneling…
And a couple of lighter things to finish on. Take a look at this PBS movie on the power and role of typography and infographics in our lives.
Watch this: Typography in 7 minutes
And then find out where you’d break surface if you tunneled directly to the other side of the earth…
Play here: Tunnel to the other side of the earth

Written by Jonathan HallManaging Director Cheskin Added Value

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