Glance knows how to overcome Geoffrey Moore’s Chasm

11 Aug 2011|Leigh Marinner

I just signed up for a 7 day free trial of Glance, a desktop-sharing service like WebEx, but much simpler. Within 15 minutes I got a call from a real person offering to answer any questions and give me a quick walk-through of Glance.  The rep sent me her email address in case I had any more questions.


I was amazed by how effective this technique was in helping me overcome Geoffrey Moore’s Chasm.  I’m not a natural early adopter and get put off by features not working well.  I don’t want to spend a lot of time exploring the product and figuring out how to do what I want. When the Glance rep called, I was actually complaining to my IT guy on the other phone about how the product wasn’t-ready-for-prime-time because I hadn’t understood how easy it was to set up a session code ahead of the call.

Glance has come up with a great marketing strategy to get share in a crowded market full of big players.

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