Sustainability in marketing: Our corporate responsibility

13 Jul 2011|Added Value

Experience has taught us that most people want to be more sustainable and responsible, but often don’t behave in ways that are coherent with their declared desires. Marketing services can help to align desires with behaviours by:

– Understanding the barriers to behaviour change and designing strategies to overcome them
– Building bridges between sustainability and core consumer benefits (making healthy products taste better…recycled furniture look great… durable clothes sexier…)
– Creating new social norms that drive behaviour change. The job of marketers is not just to respond to consumer demand, but also to drive change by generating awareness, creating a buzz and lobbying opinion leaders and regulators.

At Added Value, we try to help our clients define the sustainability issues or opportunities embedded in their value chain so as to develop the sustainability strategies with the best revenue generation potential.

The biggest risk lies with companies who attempt to sell sustainability without making the necessary changes to their business models. Consumers expect honesty and demand transparency. The only thing worse than not going down the sustainable path is trying to fake it.

More on WPP’s corporate responsibility in sustainable marketing and the initiatives taken by the group by clicking here.

Written by Leslie Pascaud, Global director of Sustainable Marketing Practice, Added Value

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