Practical Guide for Responsible Marketing

07 Jul 2011|Added Value

Leslie Pascaud, Sustainable Marketing Director Added Value Group was interviewed by Karine Viel, for the Guide for Responsible Marketing 2011 – Comité 21 editions.

Illustrated by numerous examples, case studies and interviews, this book is a practical and operational  guide. At the intersection of marketing and sustainable development is an area of brand value creation which can help to give meaning to  managers while creating new and stronger bonds with clients. Sustainable marketing is also a means to reconcile the consumer with the citizen at by answering his need for coherency and transparency.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:
“KV: What is your definition of responsible communication?
LP: Responsible communication should ideally be guided by environmental and/or social concerns. These concerns are rooted in one’s fundamental values and their education – a recognition that we cannot ignore the impact that our acts have on others.
But a person’s motivation in acting responsibly may not be responsible per se. It may be grounded in more “selfish” benefits like saving money or  procuring pleasure. We believe that if those behaviors lead to responsible purchase acts, even if they are not motivated by a sense of responsibility, they are to be encouraged… Once people have acted responsibly, we then have the opportunity to help them recognize and give value to their acts, deliberately making them more conscious of the role they play and thereby encouraging responsible acts in the future: it’s an incremental strategy no doubt… not as ambitious as trying to overhall consumer values and radically change paradigms… but it can contribute to making the world more sustainable. When pursuing this strategy, companies need to  learn to grasp the subtle and emotional impact of the responsible purchasing act on their consumers… the role that this act can have on self-image and connection with the brand and the resulting impact on brand loyalty.

KV: What are the barriers to the responsible buying act?
LP: There are three major barriers:
– Ignorance: only 36% of French people say they understand the difference between regular and green products (Added Value 2007); 75% of consumers would buy more if they understood the benefit of their behavior on the environment. (Havas 2008)
– Mistrust: only 37% of French say they trust companies. (Ethnicity 2011)
– Habit: often, people buy and behave out of deeply anchored routines. They like to buy the same product or service without thinking twice. They get accustomed  to a flavour or a ritual.”

Leslie Pascaud is the director of Added Value’s Sustainable Marketing Practice, which she founded in 2006 in recognition of a market need to reveal the unmet commercial potential for more responsible brands and businesses. She is a frequent speaker at international conferences (ESOMAR, Brands & Branding for Good…).

You can check the book here.

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