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06 Jul 2011|Added Value

Ever thought how powerful the combined weight of the UK’s big trusted brands could be if they threw themselves behind one message, even just for one day?  Well, 1st November 2011 will be that one day – the biggest mobilisation of the marketing community ever. On and around that day, many of the most loved brands will be delivering inspiring messages of simple behaviour changes, to help the UK public ‘do more, with less’, and help the UK as a whole take one more step towards a more sustainable future.

These simple changes can be about buying and using more sustainable product and service options, or simply making behaviour choices that help the UK achieve its sustainability goals – such as on food, transport, waste, energy, and water. There’s an opportunity for each and every consumer brand to add to the impact on the UK public on 1st November. Together, we can make marketing part of the solution not the problem – and show how the collective power of brands can be the catalyst to trigger the collective power of consumers to make a real difference.

The ‘Start Today’ initiative is led by Start (HRH The Prince of Wales’ sustainability initiative), the Marketing Society, Business in the Community, and co-ordinated by ex-Added Value Brand Strategist, Liz Tinlin, and involves many agencies, brand owners, and media partners from the UK. They already have some big companies on board, across energy, financial services, food, drink, telecoms and travel, and these early Pledgers are already working on their activity plans for media, promotions, PR and sponsorships. But they need many more, as every brand has a different story to tell, a different way to make a ‘sustainable’ behaviour engaging for consumers.

If you’d like to get involved, email the Start team

Will You Start Today?

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