OpFinder™: Providing Market Direction

30 Jun 2011|Added Value

 OpFinder™ is a robust business tool which provides quantitative and structured insight into new market opportunities and develops the business case to help you move forward with innovation.

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Very simply, OpFinder helps you find solid revenue-producing opportunities. Utilizing business analysis and financial modeling, we define a growth strategy and carefully evaluate the options against a likely future state. OpFinder answers questions such as:

  • What market should we pursue?
  • What are the size and growth potential of various opportunities?
  • What viable business models exist?
  • How much should we invest and what is our potential return?
  • In what order should we pursue our opportunities?
  • What path or strategy should we take, or not take? What trends might change the game?
  • Who are potential partners?
  • Which competitors do we most need to worry about?


The OpFinder™ Process
Collaboration is key. Cheskin Added Value works closely with our clients, normally through weekly phone calls and work sessions every 3-4 weeks. We start by reviewing the key business questions which are keeping you up at night, your hypotheses for solutions, and all the relevant data currently available.

Building on this knowledge, and so as not to reinvent the wheel, we gather and analyze additional data about the market, trends, competitors and customers to develop insight into the size and viability of potential solutions, given likely changes in the future market state. Data comes from industry and financial analysts, blogs and social networks, expert interviews, and client data.

We model a detailed financial forecast, based on best-available data and jointly developed assumptions between Cheskin Added Value and the client. OpFinder often brings in qualitative and/or quantitative research to understand customer needs.

In addition to a coherent story told through various media and models, Cheskin Added Value often develops a visual framework to summarize the insights and facilitate client discussion and decision-making.

The OpFinder practitioners at Cheskin Added Value are trained business consultants, with previous experience at firms such as The Boston Consulting Group, Dataquest, and Mercer Management Consulting, as well as past experience in product management or strategy teams at operating companies.

Minimize risk. Find your best opportunity.
OpFinder is most effective toward the beginning of the innovation process when a number of potential product or service areas are under consideration, when the market is changing rapidly, or when the markets or products under consideration are somewhat unfamiliar to you.

OpFinder delivers structured and quantitative insights which back up recommendations on the best strategy to pursue. You get clarity on your options, the potential advantages given the structure of the market and emerging trends, and clarification of challenges ahead. And you reduce your risk, with revenue and profitability projections compared to the likely amount of investment required. Help ensure the success of your next innovation – OpFinder can point the way.

To learn how OpFinder™ can help you, contact Lee Shupp at 650.596.6218 or send him an email.

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