How to generate fresh insights and ideas

25 May 2011|Added Value

Ben Wood, Added Value’s Innovation Director, will be one of the top marketers presenting at an Adetem conference in Paris on Thursday the 26th of May 2011. Ben will share how AV-id™, a digital platform developed by the group, can be leveraged to generate fresh insights using a global creative community. The case study will be focused on work conducted for Levi’s® but also references work done for PLI, L’Oréal and IKEA.

Ben is responsible for the Added Value Group’s Innovation R&D and leads global innovation/NPD projects across range of categories including fashion, fmcg, beer & spirits and luxury. Ben is also instrumental in developing AV’s digital offer AV-id™. For more about him, click here.

The Adetem meeting will take place at the Bananeraie, at 6.45pm. The venue is used every week by innovative marketers Augustin Paluel-Marmont and Michel de Rovira to engage consumers in discussions on their brand, Michel & Augustin, and products. This Thursday, it will be exclusively attended by Adetem members.

Adetem is an association of French marketers aiming to promote the latest thinking in marketing. The association aims to improve it’s members’ skills and competence through exchanges and benchmarking by organizing meetings in different disciplines like innovation, sustainable development, retail, cosmetics and luxury. For more information on Adetem, click here.

In part 2, Ben Wood will share the Levi’s® case study.

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