Innovation Inspiration: The age of the social web

31 Mar 2011|Added Value

Being Strategic about Social Computing 
In early 2010, Facebook’s website traffic surpassed Google – itself the greatest growth story of all-time. In December, three-quarters of the total internet audience visited a social networking site, according to comScore. We are in the age of the social web. The internet and social computing have enabled human beings to satisfy our need for community.
But it’s also obvious that too much current activity is merely jumping on the bandwagon – “everybody’s on Facebook and Twitter: we have to be”.  Marketers need to think strategically about social computing initiatives and apply focused business objectives to accomplish narrowly defined and measurable goals. Do you want to increase loyalty? Bring in new customers? Pick up early on trends?
See Deloitte’s analysis of what has changed in social computing in the last three years.

Social Networking: the Internet’s Killer App
General social trends are playing out on the internet and influencing the future of social computing. The killer app of the Internet has turned out to be social networking, by enabling our fundamental human need for being connected to others. Understanding these needs gives us the tools to predict the promise of social networking and the implications for its future evolution.

We see 4 key trends emerging:
1. Virtual is real: the virtual world provides real social interaction
2. Data overload: it doesn’t cost anything to produce content, so people produce…
3. Increase in mobility: supported by improvements in mobile devices
4. More transparency of personal information: increasing confidence about on-line privacy
Read more about the implications of these trends here.

Changing Organizational Culture
67% of Fortune Global 100 companies use Twitter to engage with consumers.   But just how deeply embedded is social computing knowledge within the organization? In this 15-minute video, Brian Solis talks with Eleftherios Hatziioannou of Mercedes Benz about how a luxury car brand is not only finding success in social media, but is also changing the organization from the inside out to connect with customers through new touchpoints: 
Watch the video.

Making Sense of the Complexity
In this brave new world, it’s no surprise people don’t know how best to navigate. At Added Value, we use visual frameworks extensively to make sense of the variety of activity in social computing and help marketers think more strategically about which tools to use. 
Take a look at this blog entry which maps the rules and needs at play in this space.

And if you don’t know it already, get to know the Twitterverse by clicking here.

Written by Leigh Marriner, Director Business Consulting

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