Why Facebook is beating Google

17 Feb 2011|Leigh Marinner

In the war over who will own the user, Facebook is beating Google. Facebook passed Google in website traffic in 2010.

U.S. Website Traffic, % of Total Visits


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The comScore 2010 Digital Yearbook shows that Facebook also has the most engagement (share of total time spent online ) of any site.  Facebook has 10% of all page views and 30% on all internet sessions include a visit to Facebook.


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What’s happening?  There are a number of factors contributing to Facebook’s growing dominance.

1)      Users are shifting away from Google as their go-to site for all searches.  More and more they go to focused entry points, like Amazon for shopping or Hulu for entertainment, or Tripadvisor for travel.

2)      Many people rely on Facebook as a primary communication method, rather than email, which is declining in popularity, according to comScore.

3)      There is a strong network effect in play.  As more of your friends/contacts use Facebook, you use it more.

4)      In the online ecosystem, social network sites have grown rapidly.  And since Facebook is so dominant among social network sites, it benefits the most.

Will we see this trend change in the next few years?  I don’t think so.  I think there is room for challengers to Facebook’s dominance in social networking, but overall social network sites will continue to reflect this pattern.

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