AmEx Links with Zynga

30 Nov 2010|Leigh Marinner

Brilliant. You can now use American Express membership awards points for Zynga games virtual goods, such as purple cows in Farmville that aren’t available any other way. Zynga gets a whole new source of customers spending real money on their game sites. AmEx can offer something to do with those membership points that often hang around unused and give the American Express card some social cachet. Experience has shown that once a user starts buying virtual goods in an online game, for a few weeks or longer they tend to get caught up in the “game play” and might even charge something extra on their AmEx card, knowing they’ll use the membership points for that special purple cow.

Zynga has broken new ground in trying ways to get users to buy virtual goods. Their Sweet Seeds for Haiti offer was incredibly successful in raising money for Haiti and in bringing in new customers to spend real money on Farmville.

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