Unexpected places where good tech design can pleasantly show up

16 Nov 2010|Added Value

I recently dined at Barbacco, a trattoria located in the SF financial district. Although the food and wine selection is fabulous, and I could say a lot about it, this isn’t going to be a review per se. I was intrigued and pleasantly surprised by the use of technology in what would typically be seen as a tech-free zone.

 The relatively small restaurant has an iPad placed on each table and several more lined along the bar for diners to use to peruse the restaurant’s wine selection. Each iPad is propped up on a small easel, so easy to access. And if the idea of slipping one into your purse or briefcase comes to mind, ignore it because the attentive wait-staff will surely notice! The elegant simple design of the iPad does not look awkward or take away from the carefully designed space. In fact, the iPads add a little something extra to the environment and dining experience. Seeing and using the iPad gave me a feeling of being someplace hip, different and modern. With great ease and fun I explored and learned about the restaurant’s wine selection from Italy, France, Austria, and of course California. I could see a picture of the wine label, where the wine came from, and other interesting descriptions. The experience was far more pleasing compared to flipping through the many pages of a “wine bible.” It was clever of the owners to take advantage of the well-designed iPad to add a little something extra to the dining experience.

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