Eco Innovations – November 2010

11 Nov 2010|Added Value

Electric Dreams abound in Paris

With predictions that hybrid car sales will more than triple by 2015, take a look at the best of green driving at this year’s Paris Motor Show. Courtesy of

 And Plant Green answers the 10 most frequently asked questions on electric cars.



Going tubeless

Kimberly-Clark has put the toilet paper category in a spin – well a proprietary “special winding” actually. Which allows the paper to be wound around …well, nothing!  So no more inner cardboard tube to throw away.  And they promise that even the last piece of paper will be usable. Trials have started at Walmart and Sam’s Club throughout the Northeast US, with a national and global range introduced if sales take off.


Open-source Solar Laptops 

Following on from the US 100 dollar laptop initiative to make education affordable to all, the Indian Government has unveiled the 35 dollar solar-powered Sakshat. Using the Linux open-source operating system, it has no hard disk, relying instead on a memory card similar to mobile phones and cameras. Negotiations are happening to hopefully bring the cost downto around $10.  And as it’s powered by a PV panel, no electricity needed. Genius!


Wasted Hanger 

Here is a small reminder that everything about modern life, from the smallest, least noticed items on up, needs to be redesigned. Clothes Hangers – did you know that around 8 billion are made (plastic & metal) every single year? And that is just in the US!  According to Green Progress, a mere 15% of those get recycled which creates a problem in itself as the plastics (Polystyrene [6] and Polycarbonate [7]) are hard to sort & reuse.  Enter HangSavvy – made from recycled paper waste, they have the same lifespan as ‘regular’ hangers and are strong enough to carry a 22 pound coat. A retailer’s answer to that mountain of hangers in the stock room perhaps?


Vac from the Sea 

Electrolux are raising public awareness to the plastic pollution that is invading our oceans, by creating five unique, beautifully designed, vacuum cleaners.  “Each represents the ocean from which the plastic originates. All the models are fully functional and have been built using the same core structure (chassis, engine, and bag compartment) as the new Electrolux Ultra One Green-model. The plastic debris has been collected in partnership with organizations and people that already are engaged in the issue.” Plastic pollution is a universal problem. What Electrolux have highlighted, using beautiful design, is that the problem is specific to different areas.

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