Running The Grid

04 Nov 2010|cfinlay

The Grid. It just sounds badass. Nike’s gaming the world in whole new and more literal ways. They have worked with the venerable data modeling group Stamen to turn London into a board game. Stamen leverages teams (such boys vs. girls), old phone booths, real time visualizations, and badges to create FourSquare on crack with a hint of Halo. You must dial into the phone booth a la The Matrix to score.  And the catch is you must RUN. Which is also the hidden purpose: get more runners. Wishing I was living in London. Might actually get me to run.

It reminds me of the more low-fi Pac Man games that were being run on the streets of NYC using cellphones, colored shirts and certain city streets. With new mobile technology and GPS the game gets bigger and better. Prediction: people will live in the game once cities become wholly connected. They will make their living in the game in the same way that vendors can make a living in Second Life. Amazing and exciting stuff.

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