Nestlé Central West Africa Case Study: Filtering Coffee Culture in Africa

07 Sep 2010|Added Value

Africa is a continent of myriad cultures. In each country alone, a range of local languages and traditional alliances mix with the western cultures of Africa’s colonial past.

For global brands this poses a significant challenge.

How do you position brands in a way that is relevant to local country cultures, and consistent across an entire region?

This was the challenge for Nestlé Central West Africa (CWA) in the coffee category.

In the Central and West African Region Nestlé operates in 22 countries with a focus, where coffee is concerned, in four key countries: Cote D’Ivoire and Senegal (Francophone) and Ghana and Nigeria (Anglophone).

Due largely to their history with the French, the Francophone countries have a slightly more established coffee culture. For similar reasons, the Anglophone countries are tea drinking nations with underdeveloped coffee consumption.

In order to grow their share across the region and to grow the coffee category, Nestlé CWA wanted to test and evolve some preliminary innovation concepts which had been designed to get both non-consumers of coffee and existing consumers of roast and ground coffee in the francophone countries to switch to NESCAFE. And to get non coffee drinkers in the Anglophone countries to start drinking coffee.

In addition, the NESCAFE mother-brand positioning needed some fine tuning to ensure relevance across all the countries.

Understanding the cultural nuances of coffee within each of the key countries formed the foundation of the work.

An in-depth cultural Decoder allowed us to analyze the key socio-economic and category cultural themes emerging in each country.

For example: African and Proud. The work revealed that one of the cultural drivers defining people’s identity was a renewed cultural pride, coupled with great confidence in African heritage. A growing acceptance and pride in who they are, both politically and culturally.

By exploring the different expressions of African Pride we could weave positioning platforms for NESCAFE that would resonate with African heritage and identity.

This and other key themes became the bedrock of a series of positioning concepts and ultimately a brand positioning for the NESCAFE mother brand and each of the innovation concepts. Positionings that were differentiated and culturally relevant across the region.

How did we Add Value?
We helped to confirm the nuances of the culture of coffee within the African cultural context, providing the lever for Nestle to cement the brand in the region by innovating for growth.

Image source in the public domain.

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