There Is No Internet

09 Jul 2010|cfinlay

“There is no internet.” I was a little bowled over when my good friend Michael Dila of Torch Partnership said those words. At first I thought he had just had a pint too many but as my brain caught up I was struck by the beauty of the statement. I have long said that the internet is like a phone book for my parents, a tool for me and reality for my nieces and nephews but had never heard it put so succinctly. The internet is a reflection of our lives in so many ways. It is a chameleon that enables brilliant new interactions. It is the “magic in the middle.”

Based on the stats in this Brandweek article television networks have lost the war for eyes (as we knew) and now are forced to become part of a tapestry of media consumption as multitasking has taken over most viewers. Nielsen states that, “More women (77 percent) claim to multitask than men (73 percent). The average multitasker spends over 2.5 hours per week using the Web and TV at the same time, and the total time spent multitasking has surged by 19 percent over the past year.”

It is clear that with the increasing adoption of television operating systems that include web browsing, social networking and other widget capabilities, that embedded shopping capabilities will rapidly increase. There have been attempts in the past. I remember when a little “hook” would show up during commercials and I could push some button on the remote to find out more. Oh, the dark ages of interactive TV. These painful experiences will be replaced with a new wave of integrated viewing, layered looks and televisions not only enabled to browse the web but that sync with computers to connect people directly to stores and related content. The mechanical barriers such as writing down a url, visiting a store or having to click to find out more are rapidly eroding. This will lead to increasing sense that “there is no internet.”

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