Too often social media articles are tripe

29 Jun 2010|Leigh Marinner

I find social media fascinating. And there are actually good data and insights available on the web. But it can be overwhelmed by the amount of junk. Unfortunately, an example is the latest McKinsey Quarterly on Unlocking the Elusive Potential of Social Networks, which says nothing more than confer social importance on users and take advantage of virtual items, with no data attached.

One of the best sources about consumer behavior with social media is Danah Boyd’s blog. She specializes in teens and young adults, and has a marvelous ability to draw insights from the data.

Louis Gray is a great online source. And Robert Scoble sometimes takes time from his dozens of daily posts to think about the future and paint a picture of how social media will be used. My favorite is envisioning his future trip from Half Moon Bay to Reno with his family and how social media will help him.

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