Tim Tam case study: reinventing an old favourite

18 Feb 2010|Added Value

A delicious Aussie treat that everyone loves. That famous recipe often copied but never matched – the Tim Tam seems as good as a bikkie can get. Break open a packet and it’s hard to stop at one. And who would want to, with so much scrumptiousness there for the taking?

What else is able to bring a group of women to their knees? A sure thing for those afternoon teas. And it’s perfect for that me-time too. Because with kids and hubby out of range, there’s no need to share. It’s great to nibble on slowly or chomp down fast.

But the best thing of all is the Tim Tam SLAM! Nibble off both ends, but just a bit, put one end in the coffee and the other in your mouth, suck your hardest and let the creamy chocolate and coffee burst through. But watch out! The biscuit quickly crumbles so don’t linger long, throw it in your mouth and in a second it is gone!

So much love for the Tim Tam, so much history and so much pride! But slowly, over time, there was a little less sparkle. Like an old friend you take for granted, everyone still loved them, but the magic was fading a little.

So the team at Arnott’s came up with a plan.

New flavours alone weren’t sexy enough to sustain Tim Tam into the future. Tim Tam needed to stretch further into indulgence, go to places it had never been before.

They came to Added Value, and asked us to conduct a large scale innovation study that would crack this nut.

We did semiotics to explore the world of ‘indulgence’ across a range of categories, spoke to chocolatiers, consumers and staff, ran ideation workshops – and forced ourselves to eat a tonne of chocolate biscuits. A tough job, but someone had to do it!

After all that, there were so many new ideas, some with a touch of genius and others a bit less so. They all went to the vote and consumers had their say. Many floated to the top, although a few had to go. But in the end, the brand team could fill their funnel and create their plan for reigniting the passion Aussies have for their old mate.

Tim Tam Crush is the hero of this new breed to date. It’s a Tim Tam that really breaks new ground, moving light users from a flirtation into a full blown affair with the brand. It ups the indulgence with a new format and added yummy, crushed bits.

Part biscuit, part chocolate, part confectionery.

It’s caused quite a stir with incremental numbers to prove it, and has helped make a much-loved old favourite feel new again.

How did we Add Value?
We delved deep into the world of indulgence and chocolate – not the hardest immersion we’ve ever had to do! We challenged well established beliefs to stretch the Arnott’s team into previously unchartered territory. And helped invent new-to-world deliciousness for an iconic favourite.

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