Iglo case study: making the freezer cool again

18 Jan 2010|Added Value

A freezer can be a daunting place, looking inside to find it stuffed full of things suspended in time and competing for a place on your plate. Iglo felt the same way, but their’s is a much larger freezer!

Famous for fifty years of fish fingers and ‘Blubb’ spinach, captain Iglo still kept up his charm. But the brand had more to offer, and getting this done in a market stuffed with brands was a big challenge.

So they came to us – together we set out to innovate, to find empty niches and unsatisfied needs ready to be filled.

First we needed to learn everything we could about the market and how it worked, right down to the regulations.

We trawled the internet and scoured neighbouring countries, explored adjacent categories and tracked trends – not to mention making use of the abundant knowledge already in the company.

We carried out ethnographic work to get right into the world of consumers. We peered into pans, gazed into shopping baskets and swapped stories, and brought it all together to get some great insights. We spoke to experts too, people from the food industry and held lively discussions about potential ideas.

All of this went into building a bank of areas for potential innovation. We held some great close and collaborative creative working sessions and built some ideas and rough mock ups. These were then polished and visualised before going into the hardest stage yet: consumer feedback.

How did we Add Value?
We helped Iglo discover untapped areas of inspiration and fascinating nuggets of consumer insight. by looking far and wide and ethnographically. The result is three promising new products with the potential to make the freezer cool again.

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