Positioning: Sustainable Platform

01 Jan 2009|Added Value

We challenge, coach and inspire our clients to define sustainable strategies that create lasting value.

Of the WPP BrandZ top 100 brands, over half have got more than 50 years on the clock. A quarter have passed the century mark. These brands were built to last. Tomorrow’s brands face a different set of challenges. They will need to have a reason and rational for why they deserve to last. Built to last will need to mean built from the roots up, built to go on forever. Built to give back more than they take away.

Because there’s no point selling tea if there is no tea to sell, no point selling energy when the wells are dry and certainly no point segmenting your market if all your consumers… well… you get the idea.

Our job is to help develop more sustainable business and brand platforms. Platforms that serve as the building blocks for brand repositioning, internal change strategies and responsible marketing initiatives.

We strive to ensure that these platforms integrate a solid understanding of brand and business equities and impacts, market trends, regulatory changes and competitive context. We then confront these platforms with stakeholder perceptions and expectations to ensure that they have meaning and saliency – because a good strategy must reinforce consumer trust and loyalty.

Each brand is unique and its path to sustainability should be traced accordingly. Our responsible brand model framework and 360° impact screening provide the frameworks to ensure that sustainable platforms inform and direct decisions.

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