Positioning: Cultural Capital

01 Jan 2009|Added Value

We use semiotics to identify the cultural capital that will keep your brand relevant, distinctive for the next generation of consumers.

Brands cannot exist outside of culture, it is where they get their lifeblood of meaning from (what would Mini be without London in the swinging 60s at its birth and a quirky British eccentricity still at its heart today?)

But culture is constantly changing across time (as we morph from one generation to the next) and place (as we travel from one continent to the next). The most successful brands access changes in culture to renew an enduring truth about themselves. Dove did it perfectly by spotting an emerging idea of beauty in culture and creating a uniquely Dove expression of natural confidence. Madonna did it when she spotted gay men ‘Voguing’ on the dance-floors of Detroit, took it all to be her own and made it a global phenomenon.

We believe that in order to remain relevant and recognisable whatever’s happening in the world around it, a brand must take its defining idea and seek to imbue it with fresh cultural capital through its activation, communication, innovation and design.

Once you know what your brand delivers better than anyone else (proposition) and have captured who your brand is (character) the next step is to mine the culture for fresh signifiers that can be used to recharge the idea your brand is seeking to own. This means identifying where you will gather your meaning from and, where you will look for inspiration to keep your brand fresh and in tune with the changing world. We can help you define where that source of cultural capital is and encode its most emergent expression.

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