Positioning: CharacterLab

01 Jan 2009|Added Value

An interactive quantitative test of brand character that makes character development simple, intuitive and compelling.

CharacterLab is the starting point for character creation.

A uniquely engaging and objective online tool, CharacterLab uses the power of archetype thinking and the rigour of a consumer-validated quantitative measurement system to make the decision on character development simple, intuitive and compelling.

Characterlab uses archetypes as the currency for measuring character and delivers three distinct solutions;

It reveals what your archetype foundation actually is, its relative strength/consistency, and how distinct it is from your competition.

It enables you to create new or alternative archetype directions for your brand.

And it allows you to test creative development and communication, before activation, to determine if it’s on archetype or not.

To find out what CharacterLab can do for your brand, visit www.CharacterLab.com

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